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Open Forum
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Declining local, state and national membership Bonnie Heard 0 8804 Not Rated Wednesday, April 15, 12:08 PM 
Use of Biometrics in Lunch Program Michael Gasper 1 8138 Not Rated Monday, November 2, 11:19 AM 
Unpaid Lunch Charges JoAnne Robinett 3 7693 Not Rated Wednesday, April 15, 2:49 PM 
Vegetarian Meals Dawn Ragsdale 0 7059 Not Rated Friday, June 19, 2:15 PM 
Certification Suann Zilnicki 0 6750 Not Rated Sunday, June 7, 7:59 AM 
Professional Standards: Your Opportunity to Speak Out! Admin1 0 6030 Not Rated Monday, September 21, 12:13 PM 
Cast your vote in the SNA election! Admin1 0 5556 Not Rated Thursday, October 22, 2:00 PM 


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