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School Nutrition Explores Personal Health and Wellness

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March 5, 2013—There’s only one person who can change your health status and prospects: You. If you’re ready to take steps that will leave you happier, more energized and more likely to live a rich, full life, don’t miss the March issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, which explores topics in health and wellness as part of the magazine’s annual personal development issue. This issue also takes a look at how operators and industry are addressing the challenges of new nutrition standards for whole grains in school meals.

Meet four school nutrition professionals who are confronting America’s obesity epidemic by serving as bona fide wellness role models and learn about how their personal wellness journeys have transformed their lives in “One Life to Live.” Bonus Web Content: Additional advice and wisdom will inspire you to create—and stick to—your own health and wellness goals.

Technological tools can provide valuable assistance in your pursuit of all forms of wellness, from weight loss to physical activity to handling stress. “Healthy Living: We Have an App for That!” showcases a crop of wellness-related apps and websites that might be the kick-start you need to get you started on—or continuing—your wellness goals. Bonus Web Content: Websites and apps also can help you pursue other areas of wellness. Check out a list of resources designed to help in such areas as grief, anger management and addiction.

“Diabetes in Depth” offers a look at what you need to know for your body and for your family about this increasingly prevalent medical condition. Bonus Web Content: As part of additional online-only content, you’ll find a detailed list of recommended diabetes resources, as well as other fascinating diabetes-related myths and facts.

“The Quest for Whole Grainy Goodness” explores some of the ways in which operators and industry are responding to the challenges presented by new nutrition standards for whole grains in school meals.

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