STEPS Challenge All-Star States

SNA is rewarding state affiliates that have the most members regularly participating in the STEPS Challenge! At the end of each monthly challenge, we will tally the states that had the most members participate. Keep track of who is in the lead by using the chart below.

Monthly challenge1-500 Membership Division501-1,000 Membership Division1,000+ Membership Division
August 2013: Walk this Way  

South Dakota
Missouri   Minnesota
September 2013: Fruit Frenzy

South Dakota 


October 2013: Fall for Fitness

Kansas  Missouri  Ohio 
November 2013: Healthy Hydration

South Dakota 


December 2013: Take a Time-Out

South Dakota &
New York 

January 2014: Hit 30 Minutes         


Missouri   California
February 2014: Veg Out Every Day

South Dakota  Colorado  Ohio 
March 2014: Take Time for Breakfast

South Dakota & New York Missouri and Colorado  Ohio 
April 2014: Power Up with Protein

May 2014: Spread the Love


Overall winners

Following the final challenge in May 2014, we will count the grand total and three states will be crowned STEPS Challenge All-Star States. There will be three “All-Star” states, one each membership division.

The three All-Star States will be honored at ANC 2014 in Boston and participants from these states will be entered into a special Grand Prize drawing!

2013-2014 STEPS Challenge All-Star States1-500 Membership Division500-1,000 Membership Division1,000+ Membership Division

Overall Winner

Want to know what membership division your state is in? View the list here.