Share Your Celebration

After NSLW ends, there are plenty of ways to keep the excitement alive.

  • Submit your stories and photos to SNA, and you may be featured in the April 2014 issue of School Nutrition magazine! Just email your pictures and a brief report of your celebration to
  • Take photos of your celebrations, your staff, and your special meals during NSLW. Include the images and stories in your school’s newsletter, social media, or website.
  • Post photos in the hallways and on bulletin boards.
  • Survey your students about their favorite special meals and NSLW events. Share your results with parents, teachers, and the community.
  • Are you attending ANC 2013 in Kansas City? There will be a session just on NSLW! You’ll learn more about how to promote NSLW in the future.
  • Get excited for NSLW 2014!