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Recipes and Seasonal Foods

Celebrate “School Lunch - Let’s Grow Healthy,” by featuring seasonal, locally produced items on your school menu.

What’s in Season?

Not sure what’s available in your part of the country during the fall? Download the following list for suggestions or take a look at your state’s farm to school website.

Seasonal Foods by Region

Regional Recipes

Need some ideas on what to serve, other than fresh produce? Want to try something new? Below are some sample farm-to-school recipes from across the county. Some are simple such as including a locally grown item in an existing recipe, others are more complex.

Turkey, Cheddar & Apple Sandwich
Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA
Local food: Apple

Roasted Tomato Sauce
City Schools of Decatur, GA
Local food: Tomatoes

Coleslaw (USDA Recipe)
Hopewell City Public Schools, VA
Local food: Cabbage

Highline Public Schools, WA
Local foods: Cabbage and Carrots

Buffalo Wild Rice Hot Dish
Saint Paul Public Schools, MN
Local foods: Buffalo and Wild Rice

Regional Recipe Swap
Do you have a recipe which contains locally grown foods you wish to share? Are you looking for new recipe ideas to add to your own school menu? Visit the Regional Recipe Swap (login required) on the SNN to post your recipes or download something new to try!

Note: You should conduct your own nutrient analysis of the individual recipes. All recipes are suggestions for your consideration. School nutrition professionals are encouraged to choose menus that fit best with the needs of your staff and students, as well as your own food safety plan and nutrition requirements. SNA has not tested these recipes in a kitchen.