Tools to Get Started

  1. SNA Toolkit (pdf)
    10 pages of ideas and resources to help you celebrate. The toolkit contains tips and tools to help you start planning your promotion and make it a success.

  2. Emporium
    Official “Take Time for School Breakfast” merchandise such like aprons, t-shirts, posters, pencils, balloons and more is available at

    You can also contact SNA’s Emporium at (800) 728-0728 (phone), or (301) 686-3115 (fax) to request a catalog.

  3. Certificate of Recognition (ppt)
    Use this template certificate to:
    • Say thank you to your staff for all their hard work during National School Breakfast Week
    • Recognize the school which had the largest increase in participation or came up with unique celebration ideas

  4. Logos and Artwork
    “Take Time for School Breakfast” artwork is a great way to brighten up your NSBW. Use these images on menus, tray liners, newsletters, and your website. There’s even a cover photo for your Facebook page! For further information on appropriate usage, please contact SNA’s Service Center at (800) 877-8822.

Please note that logos are not to be used in the design of any merchandise, or to explicitly, or implicitly endorse a particular product or service. The Emporium is SNA’s sole provider of official association merchandise and materials.

To request artwork and logos, please complete the short online form. Upon approval of your request, you can download the logos and the links will also be emailed to you.

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