ANC 2011 Edu Session hdr


8:30 am - 9:30 am

A Successful Model for Reducing Kitchen Injuries
Learn about a kitchen safety model that helped the School City of Hammond, Ind., save nearly $1.75 million in less than two years by reducing both the number and severity of injuries. You will leave equipped with the information to successfully adopt this model in your school or district. Intended Audience: All

Standardized Recipes That Work!
Learn the benefits of using complete and accurate recipes for controlling food costs, meeting meal pattern requirements, assessing nutritional adequacy and ensuring food safety. Also, explore techniques for writing standardized recipes that actually work in the kitchen! Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

Nutrition Is not One Size Fits All
Do you need help motivating kids and parents to understand the importance of eating right? With a practical, budget-friendly approach, you can create an eating environment that encourages healthier choices. You will walk away from this with a crock pot full of new ideas for serving up food in a fun and nutritious fashion. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

CN Labeling: Use It or Lose It
Come learn about the added value of using foods authorized to carry the CN label. The discussion will focus on when, where and how the CN label is applicable to federal meal programs, as well as the advantages of the CN Labeling Program for both operators and industry representatives. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, I

Got Cost?—Got Control!
Why focus on unexplored cost-control measures when the answers are right in front of your eyes! This presentation will put a new twist on the much-explored subject of cost control, offering a new, fun way to identify the areas in school nutrition that employees at all levels, from full-time managers to part-time cooks, can control. Intended Audience: E, M, D

Using Creativity to Motivate Future Leaders
Are you looking to create an effective training program for new and future leaders in your district? Don’t miss hearing about the strategies and tips that led Polk County (Fla.) Public Schools to receive the FSNA Innovative Idea Award for their Leadership Academy Training initiative. Participants will receive a detailed resource CD, packed with theme-based curriculum, interactive activities and personality profiling. Intended Audience: M, D, MC

Jazz it up With Effective Merchandising
Do you find that your high-quality meals aren’t flying off the serving line? Hot foods are kept hot; cold foods are nice and chilly—but something is still missing. This session will help you explore and implement effective merchandising techniques. Learn how to jazz up your serving and dining areas on a limited budget, as well as how to boost staff morale—and thus customer service—by getting everyone involved. Intended Audience: E, M, D

Tackling Childhood Obesity: The Role of Good Communication
Research shows that reducing the rate of childhood obesity will require a long-term campaign to educate the public about making healthier choices. Effective communication to parents, students and school boards is paramount. Come hear about a number of activities and initiatives that your school can support in order to promote healthy choices and lifestyles. Intended Audience: All 

Tips for Taking the HealthierUS School Challenge
A Team Nutrition grant has resulted in the development of training materials for school nutrition personnel through the “Grow Healthy New Jersey” initiative. Encouraging schools to apply for the HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC) is a primary focus of this training, which emphasizes improving the nutrition content of school meals. Come learn more about the HUSSC program and how you can take the challenge. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

The USDA Foods Game
Show off your knowledge of USDA Foods and school nutrition issues during this fun, interactive game show! Discover how integrating economical USDA Foods into your program can improve the nutrient profile and student acceptance of your menus, while helping your district work toward the goals of the HealthierUS School Challenge and Let’s Move! initiatives. Intended Audience: E, M, D

NEW! Wary of the Web? Make Your Home
Haven’t logged on to the SNA website lately? In this session, you will discover how to take advantage of one of the most comprehensive sources of school nutrition tools and information to enhance your professional development and energize your program. Also, hear how you can leverage the power of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more) to respond to negative press and generate awareness in your community about healthy school meals. Intended Audience: All

9:45 am - 10:45 am
Components of an Effective Food Allergen Control Plan
To meet the needs of students and the concerns of parents, you must be able to document your efforts to control cross-contamination and accidental exposure to food allergens. This session will provide the background and templates needed to develop, implement and discuss an effective control plan, no matter the size of your operation. Intended Audience: All

Food Safety Questions Answered
The electricity has been down—how long is food in the refrigerator safe to eat? The kitchen flooded—what food can be salvaged? The media is reporting a food recall story—what messages should be communicated to students and parents? Come learn the answers to these questions and many more during this session on the user-friendly, web-based USDA resources at your disposal. Intended Audience: All

Help Children Make Healthy Choices with USDA Foods
As a school nutrition professional, you play a critical role in helping children make healthier food choices and try new foods. During this session, the nutrition profiles of fruits and vegetables will be illustrated to aid you in the purchase and menu planning of USDA Foods and commercial products. Intended Audience: E, M, D

A Rainbow a Week: Embracing our Changing Meal Patterns
Let’s put on our happy face and embrace changing meal patterns and regulations for school meal programs. We have a terrific opportunity to be part of the solution. Come learn how to serve a “rainbow” of healthy foods each week and change our society within a generation! Intended Audience: All

A Brand-New You
It’s not about going on a diet. It’s making better choices and changing behaviors! Get energized about taking steps to improved health and fitness—and learning how to keep this a top priority in our very hectic day. Foundations of a good exercise program will be provided, along with sample workouts and nutritious recipes. Intended Audience: All

NEW! Is Your Food Exciting Enough to Turn a Profit & Earn Student Approval?
Establishing a framework for recipe development is critical if it is going to meet your food cost and labor demands! Join chefs from the SNA’s Chef’s Table initiative to hear practical ways you can leverage assistance from chefs in your community to enhance your menus with healthy food choices, creative ideas that meet hot new food trends, and taste-tested practices that guarantee kid approval. Intended Audience: All

Washington Update: Section 205/206—Paid Meal Equity & Non-Program Revenue Requirements
There are a lot of questions surrounding the implementation of Sections 205 and 206 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, the two provisions that directly affect the price school nutrition programs can charge for school meals. To answer these questions, USDA will host a special hot topic session to discuss these Sections, as well as the recently published interim rule on these provisions. Section 205 is the Meal Price Equity provision, which requires school food authorities (SFA's) to raise the price of paid meals if the price charged to students does not meet or exceed the federal reimbursement for free meals. Section 206 sets guidelines for how much revenue from a la carte lines and vending machines may be used in support of the district’s school nutrition program. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

The HealthierUS School Challenge
Want to join the elite group of HealthierUS School Challenge award winners? Come learn firsthand from directors how to meet the criteria, including those for middle and high schools, and explore innovative ways to form a school team and submit an award-winning application. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

Kicked-up Ideas for Your Café
Add excitement to your café by bringing live, made-to-order cooking in front of your students—you will get a fresh food buzz going in your school. Learn how to set up and execute a cooking station with little financial investment, using USDA Foods and other common ingredients. Intended Audience: M, D, MC

NSBW 2012: School Breakfast—Go for Gold
Come to this session and discover the various SNA tools available to help you delight students with the National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) theme: “School Breakfast—Go for Gold.” Find out more about SNA’s new research on alternative settings for school breakfast, and hear how members are planning to increase participation with their 2012 NSBW celebration. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC

NEW! Wary of the Web? Make Your Home
Haven’t logged on to the SNA website lately? In this session, you will discover how to take advantage of one of the most comprehensive sources of school nutrition tools and information to enhance your professional development and energize your program. Also, hear how you can leverage the power of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more) to respond to negative press and generate awareness in your community about healthy school meals. Intended Audience: All


2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Putting the PRE in Preparation
“Putting the PRE in Preparation” is a concept than encourages the organization of ingredients, cooking utensils, USDA recipes and more to increase productivity in the kitchen, while reducing the stress of scratch cooking. Everyday concepts will be used to help participants develop food practices that save time, money and waste. Intended Audience: All

Transfer of Learning: Strategies for Culinary Training
Successful culinary training models used by North Carolina and Massachusetts will be featured, describing strategies for increasing nutrition knowledge and meal preparation skills with a focus on increased scratch cooking. Factors to improve the transfer of learning in adults also will be presented, along with recommendations to improve the school nutrition environment. Intended Audience: All
USDA Foods Processing 101
Learn basic steps to process bulk USDA Foods, including specific requirements for different types of items. Hear about value-pass-through systems, record-keeping requirements and streamlining through new regulations. At the conclusion, you should be able to determine if you have the resources to manage a processing program and accept bulk foods directly from USDA. Intended Audience: D, MC, I

Increasing Vegetable Consumption in Middle Schools
This session will discuss a novel school-based obesity prevention program for Hispanic middle school students, which has been shown to improve weight outcomes. Innovative strategies to improve eating habits will be explored. Intended Audience: All

Let’s Move! in Schools
This session will spotlight the Recipes for Healthy Kids, Chef’s Move to Schools and HealthierUS School Challenge initiatives and how they support the goals of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign. Find out how you, in collaboration with parents, students, principals, chefs and communities, can support these national efforts to help solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation. Intended Audience: All

2011 Legislative Activities Update
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is now law! This session will highlight some of the primary provisions in the law, as well as provide an opportunity to discuss how SNA members and industry partners can work to educate and re-educate the new and returning members of the 112th Congress. Whether you represent a school or a business, your participation in Association efforts is critical. Intended Audience: All

Connecting With the Adult Learner
Understanding the unique characteristics of the adult learner in your audience is key to making effective training presentations. We will explore approaches to presentations for this unique group and learn how to best meet their learning needs. This session will be a combination of theory, ideas and practical applications. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, C

Turning Management Nightmares Into Successes
Come learn seven proven techniques for improving your effectiveness at job coaching, performance reviews and problem solving. You will leave with practical approaches for developing your own winning management style and the necessary tools to keep staff working together effectively, which will result in pay offs in production, team attitude and the bottom line! Intended Audience: All

Washington Update: Indirect Costs
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requires USDA to issue guidance to school food authorities (SFA's) covering program rules pertaining to indirect costs, including allowable costs that are reasonable and necessary to provide school meals. This informative and timely session, hosted by USDA representatives, will explain the issue, USDA's process and status of the Department's guidance. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

Farm to School: You Can Do It!
Get up to date on what’s new with farm to school and explore practical approaches that are suited to many different types of school nutrition environments, so you can build a program that is suited to your staff and students. Also, pick up innovative marketing and communication ideas that will make your program shine. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S

NEW! Introducing SNA’s New School Nutrition Network
Think ANC is your once-a-year opportunity to really connect and network with your school nutrition peers? Think again! The School Nutrition Network (SNN), SNA’s new online community, is the place to virtually interact with school nutrition professionals across the country. Come hear how you can join in on the discussion, share your experiences, build your network and tap into the collective expertise of the profession. Intended Audience: All

NOTE: All education sessions are subject to change. Refer to the onsite ANC Program Guide for specific session times and other details.