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Dallas Convention Center

650 S Griffin St
Dallas, TX 75202 

The Dallas Convention Center, one of the largest in the nation with more than 1 million square feet of combined exhibit space, has been consistently recognized as one of the best-run convention centers in America. Located in the heart of downtown Dallas, the Convention Center is a work of art. Many of its lobbies are adorned by art images depicting the story of Dallas, its diverse inhabitants and landscape. Be sure to step outside the front door into Pioneer Plaza, a park featuring native plants and trees, a flowing stream and a larger-than-life cattle drive made of bronze. These may be enjoyed along with the spectacular view of the Dallas skyline.

Cancellations & Schedule Changes

Circumstances beyond SNA's control -- weather, transportation difficulties or last-minute cancellations by program participants (speakers, presenters) -- may necessitate changes in the scheduling or presentation of events and/or programs or even cancellation of a particular scheduled event or speaker. SNA cannot be responsible in any way to any conference attendee for any disappointment, inconvenience or "loss" caused by such an eventuality.

Conference Photos

Photographs will be taken of conference sessions and events for future use by SNA.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

To make it as easy as possible for our members to maintain their Continuing Education Units (CEUs), SNA will update each attendee’s CEU record for ANC this year. Individuals will see the number of earned CEUs on their transcripts, which can be viewed at any time on SNA’s website, by logging into MySNA. The number of preapproved CEUs that will be awarded for ANC 2010 is 23. The CEUs awarded assumes that members attend 23 hours of educational programming during the conference, including education sessions, general sessions, exhibits, culinary demonstrations and the Child Nutrition Showcase. The 23 CEUs do not include the Pre-Conference sessions.

SNA Non-Endorsement Policy

SNA does not permit its name, logo or written materials to be copied, republished, excerpted, hypertext-linked to a website, or otherwise used for any commercial purpose, including advertising, or to suggest any endorsement, affiliation or sponsorship of any third-party product or service, without the prior written permission of SNA. Accordingly, no entity or individual may, in any written, verbal or electronic communication, including but not limited to press releases, promotional materials, advertisements, articles, videotapes, emails, telephone calls or face-to-face discussions, state or imply in any way that SNA has endorsed, recommended, approved, sponsored or taken any other position regarding any product or service without SNA's prior written consent.

Special Needs

SNA is committed to making all meeting activities accessible to all attendees. As a resource to you, arrangements have been made through Scootaround™, allowing you to reserve a scooter or wheelchair rental during ANC. To reserve your rental, visit To discuss other special needs with SNA, call (800) 877-8822 no later than June 11, 2010.

State Association Product Sales

Sales of any products outside the SNA Emporium is strictly prohibited by the contract with the Convention Center. The Convention Center personnel will rigorously enforce this regulation. Anyone apprehended will have his/her products seized and may jeopardize the SNA Annual National Conference. Thank you for your stringent adherence to this request.


ANC Look Who

Look who SNA has round-up to exhibit this year at the 64th Annual National Conference in the Big D!

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