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1:15 pm–2:15 pm


A Procurement Primer
This session will provide a general overview of the procurement requirements for school food authorities and state agency responsibilities, as well as address the frequently asked questions and explore key issues of concern related to food, equipment and supply procurement. Intended Audience: All

Make “PAL” Your Friend
Maximizing your planned assistance level (PAL) is an essential tool for minimizing food costs. Learn how to compare the cost of processing a raw commodity versus ordering a finished product to be delivered directly through your state distribution system. Presenters will explain USDA’s purchase plan and time frames for delivery. Use a step-by-step analysis to determine the right choices for your operation and get the greatest value from your PAL. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, I

Within Reach: An Efficient School Nutrition Supply Chain
SNA’s Board of Directors has indentified supply chain efficiencies as a top priority issue. In response, a task force of directors, state agency personnel and industry members was assembled to develop tools and resources that will help in planning and procurement along the entire school nutrition supply chain. Come to this session to hear about these efforts and learn successful practices to lower your costs. Intended Audience: M, D, MC, S, C, I


Nutrition Hot Topics
Nothing can be more confusing, frustrating and difficult to understand then today’s nutrition information. This session will help separate fact from fiction, ideology from science and just lay it right out there so you can better comprehend what the experts and “wannabe” experts are saying. Intended Audience: All

Partnering with Teachers for Innovative Nutrition Education Programs
How do you collaborate with teachers and other community partners to develop a model childhood obesity prevention and school-centered program? Learn all you need to know in this session, including how to implement a series of fresh fruit and vegetable tasting experiences for the classroom. Funding sources, including USDA SNAP-Ed, will be discussed and free curriculum will be demonstrated. Intended Audience: M, D, MC


Benchmark Plans for State Agencies
Professional development programs provided by state agencies are essential tools that help local school districts build stronger school nutrition programs. During this session, learn how unique collaborations among state agencies, local districts and SNA state affiliates have produced valuable resources and exciting initiatives. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, C, I

Coordinated School Health: A Model Program
A coordinated school health program (CSHP) model consists of eight interactive components. Schools by themselves cannot—and should not be expected to—solve the nation’s most serious health and social problems. Families, health care workers, the media, religious organizations and community organizations that serve young people must be systematically involved. Come discover the value of each component and how they can be recruited to become effective partners with schools. Intended Audience: All

I Love Me
Happy, an award-winning entertainer and comedian, is renowned in the state of Texas as being a humorous yet motivational speaker who can make audiences laugh to the point of tears. Come be inspired, amazed and amused, while Happy demonstrates how to develop a positive self esteem and outlook on life. Intended Audience: E, M

Preparing for a CRE (Part 2)
This session is designed to provide a comprehensive look at preparing for a CRE and will include a timeline up to the day of the scheduled review, a checklist of documents to evaluate program management and accountability, and best practices for CRE preparation. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

communications & marketing

Tray Talk: How SNA Can Help You Promote Your "Food Revolution”
Come learn how SNA's new Tray Talk website and toolkit can help you promote your school meal success stories to your community and local media before a negative news story strikes! Gain tips on proactive outreach to educate parents, teachers, local leaders and reporters about your program, and learn how to rally the troops in your district to help you defend healthy meals! The professional presenters have created a highly interactive session that will provide you with great resources and the confidence to take on the world! Intended Audience: All

2:30 pm–3:30 pm


Value Pass Throughs: Which Ones are For You?
Come learn the advantages of approved methods you can use for procuring processed USDA foods: net off invoice, fee for service and fee for service through distribution. The details of each system and the resources available to help ensure they are used to their best advantage will be discussed. Intended Audience: D, MC, S, I


Partnering for Effective Nutrition Education: A Top USDA Priority
This session will prepare school-based nutrition educators and implementers for a collaborative infrastructure to communicate the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Also, learn ways you can work with the government to enhance nutrition education efforts. Intended Audience: All


School Feeding Beyond Borders: A Global View
The Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF) works globally to help developing countries provide school meals for some of the world's most needy children. Come learn about GCNF's mission, its program of work and the values and projects that guide its activities. This session will include a photo tour that highlights events in countries where GCNF is presently working. Intended Audience: E, M, D, MC, C, I

SNA Certification & Credentialing
Do you have questions about certification, trainer certification or the SNS Credentialing Program? Find the answers to your top questions from SNA's Certification & Credentialing Manager, who will provide an overview of the entire process for certification and credentialing, as well as upcoming changes to both programs. Come be part of the growing number of certified/credentialed school nutrition professionals nationwide! Intended Audience: All

State Association Finances and the 990
State association presidents, treasurers and executive staff can bring their top challenges and concerns to this question-and-answer session on financial reporting and the requirements of the new 990 Form. This session is designed for SNA State Affiliate Leaders. This session is intended for SNA State Affiliate Leaders

Success with Your Next CRE (Part 3)
The final session in the CRE series will examine two parts of the process. The first part will focus on CRE performance measures, key findings of reviewed CRE data and the strengths and weaknesses identified at all governmental levels (local, state and federal) of the CRE process. The discussion will include the CRE data compilation process. Then, learn about the most common violations that occur from CRE reviews, as well as the key elements to effectively write a plan for corrective action. Intended Audience: D, MC, S


How to Connect with Your Audience
Today, when it comes to giving presentations, there is often a disconnect between the audience and the speaker, as they focus on their PowerPoint slides and fail to excite attention. Come learn the basic techniques that outstanding speakers employ to get their message across and inspire their audience. Intended Audience: D, MC, S

She Said What? Improving Communications Skills in the Kitchen
Each of us has a different style of communicating, but establishing effective communications skills is the key to success in any work environment. Participants will learn to pinpoint different communications styles and will walk away better equipped to interact with diverse personalities. Intended Audience: All

SNA Resources: Get Online and Get Involved
In this session, you will learn about the useful tools and resources available to members through the SNA website,, and its new professional communities. Also, hear how SNA is using social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more) and how you can become involved. Intended Audience: All

Note: All education sessions are subject to change. Refer to the onsite ANC Program Guide for specific session times and other details.


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