2010 Child Nutrition Showcase:
Research & Best Practices in School Nutrition

SNA is now accepting abstracts for 20th Annual Child Nutrition Showcase: Best Practices in School Nutrition Research, which will take place during SNA's Annual National Conference (ANC) in Dallas, July 11-14, 2010. Posters featured in the showcase should focus on topic areas related to child nutrition programs such as nutrition practices, food safety, marketing and customer service, nutrition education, and environmentally friendly practices.

Submitting a Poster Proposal:

Submit a poster proposal by completing the following online form Submit a Poster Proposal

All poster proposals should be submitted by March 19, 2010 and follow the guidelines listed below.

Graduate students or faculty members participating in the Child Nutrition Showcase are eligible to apply for the Kathleen Stitt Award. This scholarship is used to help defray travel expenses incurred to attend ANC.

Guidelines for Acceptance of Poster Proposals:

This call for poster proposals is open to anyone interested in submitting a poster for presentation during the Child Nutrition Showcase at SNA’s 2010 Annual National Conference (ANC).  The purpose of the Showcase is to raise awareness among those interested in Child Nutrition Programs about new innovations or knowledge in services and practices; the Showcase is not intended as a marketing arena.

Poster proposals should be submitted in one of two categories:

  • Research – findings or evaluation of a study, project or new program that contribute to knowledge and ideas in school nutrition
  • Best Practices In School Nutrition – innovative methods, programs, policies, trainings, or projects that improve or advance school foodservice operations

Poster Proposals should include the following sections as outlined in the submission form. The proposal should not exceed 300 words in length.

Research Poster Proposals/Abstract:

    • Purpose/Objectives - Describe the purpose and objectives of the research.
    • Methods - Describe the sample, research design, data collections, and data analysis.
    • Results - Present the major results of the study or key areas of investigation.
    • Applications to Child Nutrition Professionals - Provide applications of the results for the field.

Best Practices Poster Proposals:

    • Purpose/Objectives - Describe what you wanted to accomplish by doing the project.
    • Methods - Describe what you did to implement the project and any evaluation used.
    • Target Market - Who was involved in the project and who was the end user.
    • Application - How could other child nutrition programs use the information presented.

Best Practice poster proposals will be reviewed by the SNA College Section Committee Chair before being accepted. Research poster abstracts will be peer-reviewed by SNA research committee and College Section.

Accepted posters will be presented at the Child Nutrition Showcase at ANC. Each poster must have at least one author at the conference to present the poster.

The abstracts from Posters accepted in the Research category will be published in the Journal of Child Nutrition and Management.

Author contact information may be made public if abstract is chosen for publication on SNA's website.

Guidelines for Poster Displays:

Poster presentations provide for informal visual and verbal exchanges between the presenter and the audience.

  1. Poster Displays must be set up prior to the start of the Child Nutrition Showcase on July 12, 2010.
  2. You or your co-author must be present from 12:00-2:00 pm on July 12, 2010 to answer questions about your poster to conference attendees.
  3. You will have a corkboard approximately 4-by-6-foot on which to mount your poster presentation. You are responsible for your own supplies, including thumbtacks. Do not write, paint or make marks on the corkboard.
  4. Your poster should include the title of your presentation, your name, affiliation and any co-authors. The poster should also include the information you outlined in the poster proposal.
  5. All illustrations, graphs, etc. should be finished prior to your presentation. Visual aids should be legible from a distance of at least 3 feet. 
  6. Graphics should be simple, colorful, well labeled and legible.
  7. No special equipment - such as an audiovisual projector - is permitted. The entire presentation must be attached to the poster board.
  8. You also may wish to have extra copies of your findings available for distribution.
  9. Following the conference, you will have the opportunity to send an electronic version of your poster to SNA to be posted along with other conference materials.

Poster Awards

Awards will be presented based on the two categories: 1) research and 2) best practices in school nutrition. Poster Displays will be judged on July 12, 2010 at the conference.
For additional information or questions about the Child Nutrition Showcase contact, please contact that SNA Service Center.


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