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In the box below, please share a personal story that illustrates the urgent need for greater funding for the school nutrition programs.  Some examples are:

“In my school district, we are delaying major repairs on one of our refrigerators.  The ability to continue serving foods such as kiwi is more important to us than spending our limited funds on this repair.”

“We are continuously looking for ways to cut spending.  This year, we are rationing napkins.  Our cashiers give the students a napkin when they pay for their meal.  The children are no longer able to take as many napkins as they want. This is allowing us to save a significant amount of money since the price of napkins has gone up almost 20% - that’s over $1,000 extra this year!”

“It has been very difficult to get parents to pay for their children’s meals. Last year, our school district lost over $100,000 due to families not paying for meals. A few weeks ago, I had a returned check for $2!  Some families are not able to pay the $0.40 co-pay for the reduced price lunch.  We need to help these families!”





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