SNA Approved Nutrition Education & Sanitation and Safety State Courses


Approved Nutrition Education Courses

Nutrition Education Core Course
Basic Nutrition (WSNA)
Dietary Guidelines 2010 (FSNA)
Great Trays (Minnesota Department of Health)
Healthy Meals: The Kentucky Obligation
Its Time for Nutrition (AR)
NUTR 616 Nutrition and Child Nutrition Programs - Framingham State College (MA)
Nutrition – Planning for Healthy Meals
Nutrition 101 (NFSMI)
Nutrition I
Nutrition Fundamentals Online Part I & II - Framingham State College (MA)
Orientation for Nutrition Employees O.N.E. (GA)
Practical Nutrition (ND)
Public School Cafeteria & Nutrition Basics (OK)
School Foodservice Nutrition 101 - (IA)
Smart Options
Virginia Nutrition Course

Approved Sanitation and Safety State Courses 

Safety/Sanitation Core Course
Food and Nutrition Services New Employee Orientation (MD)
Food Safety for Child Nutrition Professionals
Food Services Sanitation - Kansas State Department of Education (KS)
Food Services Sanitation (TX)
Foodservice Sanitation and Safety (ND)
Food Protection Management Course - Region 10 Education Service Center (TX)
HACCP Food Safety Class - South Carolina Department of Education, Office and Nutrition (SC)
How to Implement HACCP at Your Cafeteria - Gadsden SD (NM)
Orientation for Nutrition Employees (ONE) 
Sanitation and Safety (NV)
Sanitation and Safety (AR)
Sanitation and Safety (VA)
Safety Starts with Me - Gadsden SD (NM)
Sanitation & Safety - Albuquerque Environmental Health Department (NM)
Sanitation and Safety (MI)
Serve It Safe or ServSafe®
Foodservice Sanitation and Safety
Sanitation Part I, II, III, IV and V
Sanitation: Serving it Safe - Gadsden SD (NM)
ServSafe (WA)
Serve Safe and More
Serving It Safe

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