December 2005


Going Global
December 2005

As you celebrate with friends and family during this holiday season, SF&N brings you tidings of new friends-school nutrition professionals from around the globe! The theme of the December issue is "Going Global." Are you ready for a trip around the world?

First, there is the bad news about child nutrition in other countries. At this moment, 300 million children worldwide are hungry. An estimated 170 million of these children do not receive meals during school hours. In fact, 130 million children do not attend school at all.

But there also is good news: school nutrition professionals are reducing these terrible statistics. An examination of school-based child nutrition programs around the globe reveals that you are part of vast, passionate network that is committed to children's welfare. And your professional expertise in particular is admired and valued. Many developing nations are taking their cues about school nutrition programs from America's "lunch ladies"!

In "It's a Small Child Nutrition World, After All," take a journey exploring the school meal programs in 11 different countries. The information for this article was provided by foreign delegates to the annual Global Child Nutrition Forum (GCNF), coordinated by SNA's sister organization, the Child Nutrition Foundation.

Next, enjoy "Hand in Hand for Children," an inspiring account of American school nutrition professionals who have served as U.S. ambassadors to GCNF. "We are all interconnected," reflects Ambassador Katherine Jorgenson, SFNS, food and nutrition services supervisor, Minnetonka (Minn.) Public Schools. "Issues that affect people in one country are often issues in other countries, as well." Step in the shoes of the ambassadors and see the world through their eyes.

dec05Hand in Hand for Children Members Only
Ambassadors to the Global Child Nutrition Forum know firsthand the power a single person has in making a difference.

It’s a Small Child Nutrition World, After All Members Only
Join School Foodservice & Nutrition as we “visit” the school meal programs of several nations, from North America to Southeast Asia. We’ll go around the world in 11 meals.


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