August 2006


SNA President Janey Thornton/Back to School
August 2006

It’s time to go “Back to School” with School Foodservice & Nutrition magazine! That’s right, SF&N has released its annual August issue, focusing on valuable tools and encouragement to help you jumpstart another great school year.

First, meet Janey Thornton, the 2006-2007 president of the School Nutrition Association (SNA). She has a heart for service…the ability to multi-task…a strong sense of nurturing…The qualities that would make Thornton an excellent leader of the SNA were evident, even at the tender age of 3!

As president, Thornton intends to put all of those qualities to work in an effort to make a difference--not just for American families, but also for child nutrition around the world. The Association has inspired her, and she looks forward to giving back. Read “Serving a Small World” to discover the life story of your remarkable new leader—and what she has in store for the Association.

Next, do you wish more people understood your vocation—and how to help you in your quest to teach children healthy habits? That is SF&N’s wish, as well. To celebrate the beginning of another new school year, School Foodservice & Nutrition readers are invited to copy and distribute two-page flyers included in this issue of the magazine. The flyers are directed to parents, teachers and school administrators.

You probably have a busy month planned already! Have you also remembered to start celebrating “Vote for School Lunch”? This promotional event has been expanded in order to increase awareness among students, families and the media—and bring more kids to your cafeteria. The polls will open this month at

Voting starts now and extends through the beginning of October, with the winner being announced October 11, 2006 during National School Lunch Week (October 9-13). This dynamic campaign is a great way to kick off the new school year and help put school nutrition programs in a positive spotlight during annual back-to-school media coverage. Turn to “Get Out the Vote!” for tips on getting started.

August 06 coverIt’s the beginning of a new year. It’s the beginning of new challenges, new successes and new stories. And SF&N will be with you, every step of the way.

Serving a Small World lock
Her family was her universe, until Janey Thornton, SFNS, SNA's new president, saw how many more people she could reach.

Growing Healthy Children in OUR Schools lock
It’s Back-to-School season, and you can be assured that with ongoing attention to health and wellness issues by the media, the coming weeks and months will be an important time for implementation, ongoing review and revisions of local school wellness policies.

The Polls Are Open! lock
Janey Thornton, SFNS, SNA's new president is ready to "Vote for School Lunch"! How about you? Are you ready to get out the vote among your students, colleagues, friends and family, too? The polls will open this month at



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