February 2008


School Nutrition Foundation
February 2008

With all of the demands that you face each day, who has time to gather resources for professional development, look for scholarships or conduct research? That’s why the School Nutrition Association is very fortunate to have the School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) as its sister organization. Learn more about the Foundation in this month’s issue of School Nutrition magazine.

The Foundation was established in 1964 to assist SNA members with continuing education and training, financial assistance and new research in child nutrition. It helps to map out all the possibilities for your career, your operation—and the school nutrition profession as a whole.

It’s time you heard the whole story about what the Foundation can do for you and your colleagues. What can you discover about SNF’s professional development programs and other initiatives? How does the Foundation decide to create and launch a new program? Does SNF compete with SNA? “Like a Rock” explains that the very heart of the Foundation’s mission is to be a resource you can use.

Next, you love school nutrition, you’ve got the ambition, but what do you do about the tuition? “Dollars for Scholars” explains how SNF’s tuition assistance program has helped members earn degrees from high school and college. If you ever have toyed with the idea of going back to school, this is one way to receive help with the costs of tuition and books. And now is the time to do it. The next deadline for applications is coming up fast: April 15, 2008.


But what about your day-to-day responsibilities? SNF’s research benefits SNA members at the local level, as well as the national level. “Research: What’s in it for Me?” reviews the surprising impact of three topics that were researched in the last year by SNA and the Foundation.

Another strength of SNF lies in its ability to raise funds for all of the programs it offers. In fact, you might be able to use some of its techniques for your own fundraisers! In “Show Me the Money,” learn from seasoned fundraisers within SNF and SNA, as well as professional experts, about how you can bring in much-needed dollars for your state affiliate or local chapter.

Education. Research. Scholarship. The Foundation brings you the best in all three of these critical areas, and SN magazine keeps you up to date so you can stay on the cutting edge of school foodservice. Now that’s a strong “foundation”!

Like a Rock lock
The School Nutrition Foundation gives SNA and its members solid footing in education, research and tuition assistance.

Dollars for Scholars lock
When you love school nutrition and have the ambition, where do you go for tuition? The School Nutrition Foundation can help.

Research: What's in it for Me? lock
Take a fresh look at ways you can apply new research from SNA and the School Nutrition Foundation.

Show Me the Money lock
How can you bring in much-needed dollars for your state affiliate or local chapter? Check out advice from seasoned fundraisers.


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