June-July 2008


Physical Activity Today/ANC Preview
June/July 2008

june/july 2008 cover

“Go play” has a whole new meaning in America today. Thanks to public concern over childhood obesity, the opportunities for kids to be physically active are rising. Learn how school-based phys ed programs are recovering from cutbacks in “Is PE Working Out?”

Next, “Mad Hot Sports for Kids” offers an overview of some unusual new activities that are generating buzz right now, from grass skiing to muggle quidditch. In fact, some new sports may be drawing kids away from school teams. “Leagues of Their Own” provides an in-depth look at the trend of independent clubs and leagues that are changing the face of youth sports in America.

With all these new opportunities, why are some kids still stuck on the bench—or on the couch? “Raising Their Game” sheds light on the influence of family regarding kids’ involvement in sports. When families commit to fitness together, it can be a winning combination.

But for a few, it can be a fight to find the right fitness fit. Whether the challenge is lack of safe play spaces in the inner city or physical disabilities, “Good Sports” details the obstacles—and the successes.

Kids can find great role models of physical activity among America’s presidents. “Very Presidential” explores our leaders’ favorite sports, from Abraham Lincoln’s wrestling matches to Franklin Roosevelt’s dedication to swimming. You might pass on these fun facts to your students during the exciting finale of SNA’s “Vote for School Lunch” campaign this fall. Each “candidate” will be endorsing a different sport or physical activity!

As a bonus, this issue of School Nutrition magazine also features an exclusive preview of SNA’s Annual National Conference, the school nutrition event of the year. “The Adventure Begins” takes you to the streets of Philadelphia to discover national treasures and to prepare for ANC, taking place July 20-23, 2008.

Is PE Working Out? 
Just when it's needed most, physical education in America's schools faces significant threats.

Mad Hot Sports for Kids 
"Go Play" has a whole new meaning in America today.

Leagues of Their Own 
Does the rise of independent sports organizations mean the demise of school-based teams?

Raising Their Game 
When families commit to fitness together, it can be a winning combination.

Good Sports 
For some children, it can be a fight to find the right fitness fit.

Very Presidential 
How did America's leaders keep fit? The answers can add a presidential edge to your NSLW promotion.

The Adventure Begins 
Discover the national treasures of ANC 2008 in Philadelphia.



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