Tips for Contacting Teachers


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Consider these questions to develop a strategy for introducing Bridges to Wellness to teachers. Approach the right people with the right information to implement and sustain nutrition education.  

  • Who usually teaches nutrition education in the grades that Bridges to Wellness targets? (5th-10th grades)
  • Is there some centralized person (i.e. a health coordinator or curriculum director) who can get a message out to all or several teachers at once, or is it better to approach teachers in each school individually?
  • Do principals need to know when you are approaching teachers about nutrition education resources? Do you need to involve the superintendent or other administrator in getting the message out to principals?
  • Are there certain schools in your district that might be more likely to partner with you first? These schools could have staff or administrators that tend to be more open to new programs or might be more feasible to work with for other reasons, such as characteristics of the students or the school community or willingness of school-level cafeteria staff to work with students.
  • What method is best to approach the individuals you have identified? Depending on your existing relationships and your school district culture, determine whether to use electronic communication, face-to-face contact, printed materials, telephone calls, or a combination of more than one method.

When contacting teachers, be sure to use handouts and materials that appear professional and well organized. Position your department as a high quality, expert resource for nutrition and nutrition education. Remember to emphasize how Bridges to Wellness fits into teacher’s needs for appropriate curricular materials without time consuming preparation. Emphasize links to the local school wellness policy, academic achievement, and other incentives for teachers. Talking Points for Key Stakeholders



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