September 2005


September 2005
Commodities/ANC Highlights

School nutrition directors across the United States face many challenges in trying to juggle different requirements that frequently seem to conflict with one another. One of the most precarious tightrope walks is this: How does one balance the need for nutritious menu items with the need for a financially sound program based on high student acceptance?

Believe it or not, commodity food items provided by the government can help. This is not your parents’ school food! School Foodservice & Nutrition reveals the vastly improved quality of commodities in “Precious Commodities.” For cost-saving tips on dealing with the commodity program, turn to “Commodities: Easier Than They Look.”  And read “Point, Click, Commodities” to discover how technology is making commodity ordering easier than ever.

In addition, SF&N brings you “Milking It,” full of useful research on increasing the value of school milk programs. Also, glean ideas for promotions by reading “Celebrate & Educate,” the magazine’s annual round-up of promotional events that took place in schools across America. Next, sit back, relax and enjoy “Believe,” a photo-studded review of the world’s premier school nutrition event: the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference. Your schedule may be packed with tasks, but SF&N is packed with tips to help you on the way. Enjoy!

September 2005

Commodities: Easier Than They Look! This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Control your own commodity destiny by learning how to maximize its value. Simple strategies for general and commodity-specific procurement practices can save you time and money.

Precious Commodities This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Today’s commodity foods boast higher standards for quality and taste.

Point, Click, Commodities This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Learn more about ordering commodity foods in an online world.

Milking It This Content Available to SNA Members Only
A new study may help you maximize your milk sales.

Celebrate & Educate This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Let our annual wrap-up of school nutrition promotional activities inspire you for the year ahead.

Believe! This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Baltimore harbored greatness at SNA’s 2005 Annual National Conference


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