March 2006


Personal Development
March 2006

Can you believe it’s March already? Many school nutrition professionals find day-to-day operations so engrossing that entire seasons seem to fly by. How do you handle the myriad of tasks you must undertake to ensure that hundreds or perhaps thousands of children in your district are fed? How do you balance their daily needs against the needs of your family—and of yourself?

This month, SF&N brings you its ever-popular annual focus on personal wellness. Find ways to maintain a healthy balance in your everyday life. In “Cope—With Hope,” consider how you react to a bad day. As the sun goes down, you may feel entitled to a little comfort in your life. A new dress. A gooey dessert. A couch-potato evening in front of the television. These are all perfectly appropriate rewards for the occasional lousy day. But have they become habitual rewards for getting through any day? Consider three scenarios as some initial assistance in learning to cope, with hope.

Next, get down to the root of the issue by reading “Whence Come Our Wicked Ways?” Twenty-five years ago, Why Bad Things Happen to Good People was a runaway bestseller. But the world has changed since 1981, and a sadder-but-wiser America is asking: Why do seemingly good people do bad things? Explore the reasons behind people’s choices to engage in self-destructive, rather than nurturing, behavior.

Afterward, start looking for solutions. Are you so busy living “the good life,” that you don’t have a life at all? “Frayed in America” reveals why Americans feel so frenzied and how they can achieve simplicity. Next, learn how to organize your financial resources by turning to “Financial Aid,” a refresher of some important fiscal facts.

Despite this issue’s focus on personal wellness, you may constantly have in the back of your mind the urgency of your students’ wellness. In particular, you may be concerned about your local school wellness policy plan, mandated by the 2004 Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act. To help you with your policy development, this issue of SF&N also offers “Come Together,” which profiles three districts’ unique approaches to the process. Whether you are in the comfort of your home or in the cafeteria, SF&N is devoted to cheering on your efforts. Enjoy this issue of the magazine, and be well.

March CoverCope—With Hope lock
Are the comforts you turn to in times of stress actually hurting your body and soul? Resolve to make healthier choices in all areas of your life.

Whence Come Our Wicked Ways? lock
Why do good people do “bad” things in response to stress and frustration?

Frayed in America lock
Are you so busy trying to live “the good life,” that you don’t have a life at all? It’s high time that you simplify!

Financial Aid lock
It’s time to take charge of your money—and your future. This primer can get you started on the road to financial fitness.

Come Together lock
How involved is your community in the development of your local school wellness policy?



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