June-July 2004

Kids Today
June/July 2004

SF&N - June/July 2004 The Good, The Bad And The American Teenager
On the edge of adulthood, teens face tough challenges but make big contributions.  

That's A Mouthful
How can you help American teenagers avoid nutritional self-destruction?

What Are They Thinking?
Tips and tricks for successful marketing to today's American teenagers.

Are You Getting Through?
Providing effective nutrition education to adolescents is no picnic. You know what they need to learn; educations theories can help you understand how they will learn what you teach.

You're Hired
Five foodservice professionals share the secrets to making a teen employee program successful-and cool.

The Great White Way
When it comes to advocacy for children and child nutrition, they broke the mold with Gene White.  Meet this ASFSA legend.


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