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Child Nutrition Industry Conference 2005

Child Nutrition Industry Conference (CNIC), focused on "Managing the Forces of Change."  The conference provided attendees the opportunity to debate healthy school environment issues, heard from an expert on menu design, and learn about and share the newest trends and products in school foodservice, and discuss the industry and school foodservice perspectives on purchasing options.

Meeting Coverage

Date Title
1/19/05 CNIC Focuses on Managing the Forces of Change

Day One: Sunday, Jan. 16, 2005

Session Title Presenter File
Nutrition Policy in the Healthy School Environment Susan Combs Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Health in Balance Shirley R. Watkins, Dr. Thomas N. Robinson Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Commercialization and its Effects on School-Aged Children Joyce Lyons, Dani Sheffield, Debbie Zemanek, Dorothy Thompson Download File (MS PowerPoint) 

Day Two: Monday, Jan. 17, 2005

Session Title Presenter File
Point/Counterpoint on Privatization John Frombach, Valerie Wilson, SFNS Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Town Hall on Best Practices Mary Anderson, Carolina Lobo Download File (MS PowerPoint)
Download File (Adobe Acrobat)
Making Wise Decisions for Processing Commodities Cliff Meyers Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Your Blueprint for New Profit Potential Bill Main Download File (Adobe Acrobat)

Day Three: Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005

Session Title Presenter File
Nutrition vs. Business and Completive Vending Foods Leo Lesh, SFNS Download File (MS PowerPoint) 
Effective Procurement Strategies Dorothy Pannell-Martin Download File (MS PowerPoint) 


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