Long-Range Legislative Plan


Below is a listing of each of the main positions outlined in the School Nutrition Association (formerly ASFSA) Long-Range Legislative Plan. Please see Related Links to download the complete plan including the long term goals, description of the issues, rationales behind the positions and key definitions.

Meals At No Charge To Students
The Association will advocate that all children receive nutritionally adequate meals at no charge to the child at the point of service provided through Child Nutrition Programs and funded through a combination of resources, which may include contributions from federal, state, local and family sources.

SNA will initiate and support collaborative efforts and legislation to eliminate barriers to participation in Child Nutrition Programs.

SNA will initiate and support legislation and collaborative efforts among federal, state and local entities to ensure that funding is available for quality child nutrition programs to support health and development and education for all children.

SNA will support America’s agriculture community in its efforts to supply Child Nutrition Programs with a safe and nutritious food supply that is provided to schools through flexible and efficient procurement and delivery systems.

SNA will advocate for change in state and federal regulations laws and policies that will safeguard the health of students and maintain financial stability in the schools Child Nutrition Programs by authorizing only the food service program to sell food during the regularly scheduled meal periods.

SNA will advocate for outcome-based regulations at the federal and state levels that are written and revised periodically, or as needed, with stakeholder involvement.

Nutrition, Food and Education
SNA will initiate and support collaborative efforts including Federal funding to child nutrition programs to ensure a comprehensive coordinated nutrition education program in schools.

Nutrition Integrity
SNA recommends that state and local boards of education establish policies through cooperative efforts between child nutrition professionals and other school community members, including collaboration with legislative and other government agencies, that encompass the definition and core concepts of Nutrition Integrity.


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