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Several states have enacted competitive foods guidelines. Additionally, several third party organizations also have compiled lists of nutritious snacks and beverages for à la carte lines and vending machines. Refer to the resources below for more information on setting guidelines and policies in your district.


Action for Healthy Kids
Find tips, facts sheets, state teams and a local wellness policy database.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation
The Alliance is a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation to combat the spread of childhood obesity. Website includes voluntary food and beverage guidelines for schools and Healthy Schools Builder – an interactive assessment tool.

HealthierUS School Challenge 
USDA's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has established the HealthierUS School Challenge to encourage schools to go further in promoting healthy school environments and to recognize those who chose to do so.

School Wellness Policies: Legislator Policy Brief
Policy briefing book from CDC and the Council of State Governments that provides an overview of school wellness issues and recommendations for encouraging state legislative support for local wellness policy funding.

USDA Local Wellness Policy Website
This thorough site includes local wellness policy requirements, a tutorial walking one through the process of creating a team and a policy, frequently asked questions, and much more.

Development & Implementation

The Quick & Easy Guide to School Wellness
Developed by the Healthy Schools Campaign, a multi-media how-to guide filled with comprehensive information, practical advice, tools and resources to help you take action.

Action for Healthy Kids, School Wellness Policy Resource Tool Kit (in Adobe Acrobat format)
Developed by Action for Healthy Kids and Iowa Association of School Boards

Action for Healthy Kids, Wellness Policy Tool 
This tool allows you to select components of the policy you are working on and see specific language on these topics from policies that have been developed across the country.

California Project Lean - Policy in Action: A Guide to Implementing Your Local School Wellness Policy
User-friendly guide designed to serve as a roadmap for implementing school nutrition and physical activity policies, including local wellness policies. Includes helpful hand-outs to develop a plan of action for implementing a policy.

California Department of Education – Nutrition Implementation Strategies
This provides strategies that can be used to develop and maintain a healthy school nutrition environment.

Connecticut State Department of Education - Action Guide for School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies
This comprehensive action guide is intended to provide guidance to school districts on developing and implementing local wellness policies that promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Food Research Action Center - School Wellness Policy and Practice: Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Students (in Adobe Acrobat format)
This guide is designed to help schools respond to the special nutrition concerns of low-income students in their wellness policies.

Illinois Nutrition Education and Training Program Model Policy
This model policy can be used as a template in writing local wellness policies as well as a bibliography of website resources for policy development.

Mississippi Local School Wellness Policy Guidelines for Development
The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has identified a three-step approach to developing an effective local school wellness policy, along with sample language for a policy.

Model Guidelines for Health & Wellness (in Adobe Acrobat format)
An effective nutrition and wellness policy can help students learn the skills they need to make healthy choices. View model guidelines now. 

National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity
A sample local school wellness policy and resources developed with input from a variety of organizations, including SNA.

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association’s School Wellness Tool Kit (in Adobe Acrobat format)
This Tool Kit includes school nutrition and physical activity resources and suggestions for development and implementation of local wellness policies.

Oklahoma State Department of Education Model Wellness Policy
This model wellness policy provides sample language for schools to use in developing their own local policy. 

School Community Food Assessment Toolkit
The School Community Food Assessment, by Family Cook Productions, is a way for a school team of teachers, parents and students to assess the food environment outside of school meals and decide on policy changes to improve the environment. The focus is on classroom celebrations, PTA events, teachers lounge, classroom rewards and other school events.

Nutrient Guidelines & Healthy Snacks

Alabama Dept. of Public Health Nutrition – Guide to Healthy Vending Machines
Guidelines and list of healthy snacks and beverages.  

California Center for Public Health Advocacy -- Recommendations for Competitive Food Standards (in Adobe Acrobat format)
Suggested standards for healthy foods and beverages.  

California SB 19 Healthy Snacks List
List of healthy snacks.

Healthy School Celebrations
A resource from the Center for Science in the Public Interest

The Food Trust’s Comprehensive School Nutrition Policy for the School District of Philadelphia
Guidelines and standards for healthy snacks and beverages.

The Food Trust’s Healthy Beverage Tool Kit
The Tool Kit focuses on what beverages are sold and served to children at school.

The John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition at Framingham State College – The A- List
The A-List is a list of healthy vending and snack products.

Minnesota's Changing the Scene - Make the First Move Kit and Project Development Team
Sample RFPs for healthy vending, as well as àla carte and vending Food Guide Pyramids.

San Antonio Fit City/Fit Schools Healthy Vending Guidelines
Guidelines and healthy snack and beverage list.

Seattle Public Schools Nutrition Services – Healthy Snack Calculator
This calculator determines if snacks meet the wellness policy guidelines.

USDA Listing of Competitive Food Policies by State
List of states policies on competitive foods.  

Utah's Step-by-Step Guide to Incorporating Healthy Foods into Your New or Existing School Vending Machine (in Adobe Acrobat  format)
This guide from Utah on healthy vending includes a fact sheet.

Wellness Guide to Nutrient Dense Beverages (in Adobe Acrobat  format)
Guide to Identifying Nutrient Dense Beverages compiled by RWI.


Growing Healthy Children in OUR Schools Adobe Acrobat

Alternate School Fundraising Resource 
Multi-page resource developed by SNA Education Committee that includes a variety of resources for developing alternatives to food-based fundraisers in school.

Healthy Fundraisers for PTA's
List of healthy fundraiser ideas provided by the PTA.

Healthy Fundraising Ideas  (in Adobe Acrobat format)
These ideas are offered by SNA as possible ideas and does not constitute endorsement.

Sweet Deals: School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable (in Adobe Acrobat format)
2007 Report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest offering alternatives to school fundraising.

Texas Department of Agriculture Non-Food Ways to Raise Funds (in Adobe Acrobat format)
The Texas Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Division offers the following easy, low cost alternatives for fundraising and rewards that generate both fun and great results.

Healthy School Environment

Action For Healthy Kids, Arizona State Team Model Policy   (in Adobe Acrobat format)
Arizona Healthy School Environment Model Policy

Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition
Launched in summer 2007, this website for K-12 school foodservice features turnkey, downloadable resources on the health benefits of breakfast, an educational overview of whole grain nutrition including whole grain science, the 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines recommendations on whole grain, and whole grain intake information. It also provides access to an informative overview of calcium and health, including nutrition science, children's intake data and calcium source solutions.

California School Nutrition Association Position Statements
CSNA position statements on nutrition standards, competitive food sales, child nutrition program finance, mealtime issues, nutrition education, childhood obesity, school breakfast programs.

Changing the Scene: Improving the School Nutrition Environment
This tool kit, from USDA's Team Nutrition, provides information on developing a Healthy School Environment.

Connecticut State Department of Education Healthy School Environment Resource List 
This list contains online resources to assist schools with promoting healthy eating and physical activity for children.

Nutrition Education

Horizon Student Nutrition Guide
Incorporating nutrition education into an already busy day for teachers is no easy task - the HealthSmart nutrition education resource can help.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide (in Adobe Acrobat format)
A list of resources from SNA.



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