January 2004


January 2004

SF&N - January 2004Welcome to School Foodservice & Nutrition’s issue on technology. Read the story behind a revolutionary scanning technology that is helping districts cut their paperwork, time and expenses dramatically. In the market for your first computer? Check out SF&N’s “Shop Right,” which can give you all the basics for computer shopping and connecting to the Internet. Also, get the scoop on ways that technology is changing legislative activism. Finally, consider how technological changes have an impact on school foodservice, from the Internet to an intranet. When it comes to understanding technology and staying on the cutting edge, SF&N is here for you.

Reducing the Pounds - of Paper
Technology advances in processing meal applications can save time and money.  

Shop Right 
Ready to join the 21st century with your fist home computer? We'll help you define what you need and understand how to find it.

More Power to the People 
The Internet provides John Q. Public with greater information, access and influence when it comes to legislative activism.

The Need for Speed
Faster and easier access to information defines the expanding spectrum of communications technology.


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