December 2004


Workplace Diversity
December 2004

SF&N Magazine - Dec 2004When Barbara Belmont entered the workforce, the world was changing rapidly. “Many of us who were young and hopeful felt the impact of societal influences,” says the executive director of the School Nutrition Association and publisher of School Foodservice & Nutrition magazine. “An emerging women’s rights movement began to expand opportunities. The war in Vietnam made us question the decisions of our government for the first time. The Civil Rights movement lifted the nation’s awareness of human values. We also felt the impact of having leaders we admired taken away from us in profound acts of violence.” For better or for worse, all of these factors affected Belmont’s life.

“When I reflect on the various factors that shape a person’s environment,” Belmont concludes, “it gives me a better understanding as to what makes that person tick. We should each make a point to take some time to learn about one another’s differences. It can open our eyes and enhance our appreciation of our fellow workers.” This issue of SF&N takes a look at what makes your colleagues tick—from varying languages to diverse ages to gender differences. How can your child nutrition operation use its diversity as a professional edge, increasing the success of its programs? What are common mistakes to avoid, and what are the hidden benefits of diversity? Join SF&N as it asks hard questions, reveals useful research and brings you insight from child nutrition professionals across the nation.

The Language of Work
What you need to know about hiring, training and managing foodservice employees in a multilingual environment.

Different But Not Divided 
Generational differences bring challenges and rewards to school nutrition operations.

Where the Girls Are
In school foodservice, men are a growing minority. How can you make the most of the challenges and rewards of gender diversity?


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