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January 2011 SN Cover

Going Green
January 2011

In school nutrition professionals’ continuing quest to operate programs of the highest quality, being good stewards of our natural resources makes sense, writes SNA President Nancy Rice, SNS, in her Leading Edge column in the January issue of School Nutrition. This month’s issue of SNA’s award-winning flagship publication features articles that examine the ways that school nutrition operators can help. Also included in the issue is an exploration of gluten-free eating and how you can best serve the needs of your student customers who must eat a gluten-free diet.

In recent years, School Nutrition has talked to some school nutrition professionals who have worked to make green initiatives part of their programs. In “Greener Still,” check in with these eco-champions of the past to find out how they are juggling green priorities today. Bonus Web Content: Hear from six additional district directors about where their green efforts stand today, as well as their green goals for the future.

An important aspect of “going green” is what we eat and where it comes from. “Earth-friendly Eating” examines organic, local and sustainable foods, from what these terms mean to benefits and challenges of serving each type of food in your district to other relevant facts about green eating.

If you’re like most of us, you probably spend very little time contemplating the energy that powers the machines we rely on each day. “Feeding the Machines” provides useful background information to help you understand some key terminology and move from passive ignorance to engaged awareness.

If you’ve wanted to learn more about gluten-free foods, what it means to have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance or to have celiac disease or how school nutrition programs can accommodate requests for gluten-free diets, don’t miss “Grappling with Gluten-Free,” which takes a look at all of these topics and offers a selection of gluten-free recipes.  

Greener Still Members Only
Are school nutrition departments still prioritizing energy conservation and waste-reduction initiatives?

Earth-friendly Eating  Members Only
Make sense of how organic, local and sustainable foods to determine how they might fit within your operation.

Feeding the Machines Members Only
Combis and coolers and computers—what makes them all go? A quick overview of energy sources.

Grappling With Gluten-Free Members Only
Bread is the staff of life? It’s just the opposite for some of the kids in your cafeteria.

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