Volume 36, Issue 2, Fall 2012 - Recognition of Reviewers


Recognition of Reviewers

The hallmark of a research journal is that manuscripts are peer reviewed. This peer review process helps to ensure that manuscripts are relevant, timely, and of high quality and that the results of the research are applicable to practitioners in child nutrition programs. This critical peer review process is very time consuming, and we would like to extend sincere appreciation to the professionals who reviewed manuscripts for The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management in 2012. We invite individuals who are interested in serving as a reviewer to contact the Journal editor.

Sincere appreciation is extended to the following reviewers:

Carolyn Bednar
Karen Weber Cullen
Sheila Fleischhacker
Beverly Girard
Heather Graham
Mary Gregoire
Catherine Digilio Grimes      
Catherine Hanafi
Anna Jones
Rebecca Larson
Robert Lewis
Jessica Linnell
Carol Longley
Patricia Luoto
Mary Murimi
Mary Frances Nettles
Nora Nyland
Alice Jo Rainville
Beth Rice
Jenna Rowe
Rachel Scherr
Julie Schneider
Diane Schweitzer
Carol Shanklin
Jeannie Sneed
Catherine Strohbehn
Seunghee Wie


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