November 2006


Ideas from Other Segments/Breakfast
November 2006

Need fresh ideas for your school nutrition program? Why not borrow them from other foodservice segments? Explore this approach in the November issue of School Foodservice & Nutrition, which also brings you the much-anticipated details about the new National School Breakfast Week.

From dining atmosphere to human resources and much more, commercial operations can offer ideas, models and benchmarks to apply in your own schools and districts. In that spirit, read “Really? The Cafeteria? That’s Great!” to learn how your colleagues around the country are using commercial ideas in their school kitchens, serving lines and dining rooms. It's time to think of school nutrition programs as thousands of individual sites in a huge, national chain. Improving the participation rate at site after site can generate a positive buzz!

Next, it’s a stroll down memory lane—but a boost for the future. Do you remember your first job in foodservice? It’s not uncommon for school nutrition professionals to start out or spend time in another area of food and nutrition, from restaurants to universities. In “Building a Better Business,” several school nutrition operators reflect on memorable lessons they carried from other segments to the school setting.

Has this issue inspired you? Read “The Borrowers” to keep the momentum going. "Neither a borrow nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend." Thank heavens that most school nutrition professionals fail to heed these cautionary words, penned by William Shakespeare for the play, "Hamlet." Indeed, many thriving school meal programs owe at least some of their success to the adaptation of good ideas that others thought of first. “The Borrowers” offers five creative ideas designed help you to achieve even greater success.

As a bonus, enjoy two articles about National School Breakfast Week (NSBW). “Imagination Takes Flight” brings you photos and stories of NSBW celebrations that took place nationwide March 6-10, 2006. School nutrition professionals stretched their imaginations to the limit to celebrate the theme of “Go Places With School Breakfast.” Gear up for your own celebrations by reading “Around the World in 5 Days,” a preview of National School Breakfast Week, March 5-9, 2007. It’s time to think outside the box with SF&N!

nov 06 imageReally? The Cafeteria? That’s Great! lock
Borrowing ideas from your commercial competitors may be the best secret to serving savvy students.

Building a Better Businesslock
School nutrition operations can benefit from the experience, expertise and example learned in the trenches of other foodservice segments.

The Borrowerslock
SF&N offers FIVE creative ideas designed to help you leverage your operation’s inherent equity and earn more credit with students.

Around the World in 5 Dayslock
Give student customers a tour of exotic countries during National School Breakfast Week.

Imagination Takes Flightlock
How far can you stretch your creativity? Reflect on some of the fun journeys school nutrition professionals took during National School Breakfast Week 2006, and you may discover there are no limits!



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