Volume 35, Issue 2, Fall 2011


The Journal of Child Nutrition Management

Volume 35, Issue 2, Fall, 2011

Editor's Note

Reviewer Recognition


Exploring the Use of Whole Grain Pasta in School Lunches
Renee A. Rosen PhD, RD; Denise A. Hauge, MS; Elizabeth A. Arndt, PhD;
Mike Veal, Len Marquart, PhD, RD


Student and Parent Perceptions of Barriers to and Benefits of the School Breakfast Program in Elementary Schools in Southeast Alabama
Alexis Sabol, MS; Barbara J. Struempler, PhD; Claire A. Zizza, PhD, RD

Offer versus Serve or Serve Only: Does Service Method Affect Elementary Children's Fruit and Vegetable Consumption?
Margaret Harbison Goggans, RD, LDN; Laurel Lambert, PhD, RD, LD; Yunhee Chang, PhD

Process Evaluation of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Implementation in a New Jersey Elementary School
Yeon Bai, PhD, RD; Charles Feldman, PhD; Shahla M. Wunderlich, PhD, RD; Stefanie C. Aletras, RD

Impact of the HEALTHY Study on Vending Machine Offerings in Middle Schools
Jill Hartstein, MS, RD; Karen W. Cullen, DrPH, RD; Amy Virus, RD, LDN; Laure El Ghormli, MS, Stella L. Volpe, PhD, RD, LDN, FACSM, Myrlene A Staten, MD, Jessica C. Bridgman, MPH, RD, Diane D. Stadler, PhD, RD, LD, Bonnie Gillis, MS, RD, LDN, Sarah B. McCormick MS, RD, LD, Connie C. Mobley, PhD, RD

Development and Evaluation of Nutrition Education Competencies and a Competency-Based Resource Guide for Preschool-Aged Children
Rachel E. Scherr, PhD; Heather Reed, MA, RD; Marilyn Briggs PhD, RD; Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, PhD


2011 Child Nutrition Showcase Research Abstracts


NFSMI Summary of Research
Mary Frances Nettles, PhD, RD


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