June-July 2011



June/July2011 SN Cover

June/July 2011
Finding New Champions for Child Nutrition

While there are many tried-and-true approaches that work in various aspects of school nutrition operations, it’s helpful to take a fresh look at the idea of champions for your program—those supporters who can tout the benefits of school meals to other students, your local community and beyond. The June/July issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, explores how to find and work with these champions. The issue also includes a preview of this summer’s Annual National Conference (ANC) in Nashville, Tenn., and a farewell article from Barbara S. Belmont, CAE, SNA’s executive director for the past 18 years.

“The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship” takes a look at techniques for finding school nutrition champions among those in your community who may have once opposed or complicated your efforts. Bonus Web Content: Don’t miss these additional ideas for how to convert frustrating opponents to full-fledged supporters of your program and your team.

Engaging in meaningful dialogues about your program is a great way to gain the support you need for your program, your team and your goals. Seven school nutrition professionals offer their tips for success in “Can We Talk?”

Whether your operation has a student advisory group or is considering starting one, learn about how your student customers can work for you in their public awareness efforts in “She Could Be Your Champion.”

As her retirement approaches, SNA Executive Director Barbara S. Belmont, CAE, shares some of the major milestones, benchmarks and turning points that not only will stand out in SNA’s history, but will continue to influence its future in “Pride & Joy.”

Planning on attending SNA’s 65th ANC in Nashville, July 10-13, 2011? From the moment you arrive, you’ll understand why ANC is the place to CONNECT. Check out “Connect in Nashville” for all of the highlights!

What kid doesn’t love Italian food? “Buon Appetite!” takes you beyond the traditional pizza and spaghetti and meatballs for a look at how you can incorporate a wide variety of affordable, kid-friendly dishes and ingredients in your school nutrition operation. Bonus Web Content: If you’re hungry for fun Italian food facts to share with students in promotional materials, check out these delicious tidbits.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship Members Only
Simple steps to convert your critics to bona fide boosters.

Can We Talk? Members Only
You can build support for your school nutrition program one conversation at a time.

She Could Be Your Champion Members Only
Members of your student advisory group have the power to improve your program, sway opinion, bust misperceptions and spread your message.

Pride & Joy Members Only
SNA’s CEO urges members to prize the key achievements and turning points of the last 18 years.

Connect in Nashville Members Only
Are you ready to rock it out in “Music City” at SNA’s Annual National Conference this summer?

Buon Appetite! Members Only
Isn’t it time to show students the kid appeal of Italian dishes other than pizza?


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