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May 2011
Critical Issues

As school nutrition professionals prepare for the implementation of new school meals regulations, the May issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, examines some of the key issues facing the profession. Among the content in this issue are tips and advice for getting involved with the HealthierUS School Challenge, an examination of professional ethics and a highlights summary of SNA’s 39th Legislative Action Conference, which featured an appearance and speech by the nation’s 42nd President, Bill Clinton.

The incentives offered to schools that complete the HealthierUS School Challenge, as well as a societal environment that keeps school meals and children’s health in the spotlight and newly proposed school nutrition regulations, are great reasons for schools throughout the country to strive to participate in this U.S. Department of Agriculture program. School nutrition colleagues share their successes in “Are YOU up to the Challenge?” Their ideas and motivation may just give you the encouragement to sign up your school for the Challenge!

Are processed foods in your school nutrition program a discussion topic in your community? “All Foods Fit—Processed, Too!” provides a closer look at food processing, along with an understanding of its importance to our modern food supply.

When involved in making purchases for a public entity or as a participant in a government program (like the federal school lunch programs), your duty is to spend taxpayer money wisely, without conflicts of interest or even the appearance of such a conflict. But school nutrition operators (or others in school districts with purchasing authority) are not always immune to unethical behavior when it comes to procurement. “Be Strong, Not Wrong” examines a variety of scenarios that anonymous school nutrition sources have witnessed or heard about, along with advice from other school nutrition veterans on how to avoid any actions that might be perceived as unethical in such situations. Bonus Web Content: If you participate in a purchasing cooperative, you may encounter some unique ethical challenges in procurement. Read another cautionary tale shared with School Nutrition.

Although Reauthorization legislation was signed in December, record-breaking turnout at SNA’s 39th annual Legislative Action Conference proved that school nutrition advocates know their work has only begun. “The Challenge Is Not Over” offers a look at some of the highlights from this important meeting, including a speech by Bill Clinton.

Have you exposed your students to a little pear perfection? “Good Things Come in Pears” explores the long history of pears, their nutritional benefits and some fun facts, as well as kid-friendly recipes.

Are YOU up to the Challenge? Members Only
Hard work and meaningful rewards go hand in hand when you accept the HealthierUS School Challenge.

All Foods Fit—Processed, Too! Members Only
School meals can be a healthy, cost-effective balance of fresh and processed.

Be Strong, Not Wrong Members Only
School nutrition operations constantly are being tested—and trusted. Will you pass?

The Challenge Is Not Over Members Only
SNA’s 39th annual Legislative Action Conference breaks attendance records as advocates prepare for the implementation of new regulations.

Good Things Come in Pears Members Only
The powerful pear is a juicy, versatile fruit that packs a nutritious punch.


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