February 2011


feb11 cover

February 2011 SN Cover

February 2011
Reader’s Choice

For School Nutrition’s second annual Reader’s Choice issue, readers like you identified the topics they wanted to see in the February issue of SNA’s award-winning flagship publication. This month’s main features examine ethics, motivating staff and technology.

Have you ever been faced with an ethical dilemma in the workplace? If so, or if you’re curious about how you can handle these types of dilemmas when they do arise, read “Doing the RIGHT Thing” for an introduction to raise your awareness about the workplace ethics that might crop up in your school, district, agency or business. Bonus Web Content: Additional documents about codes of conduct and ethics that apply to school nutrition professionals, such as SNA’s Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Policy Statement and Board of Directors Whistleblower Policy Statement, are available as web-exclusive content.

When you think of motivating teams, you might think of the typical locker room speech that many coaches use. You might not need to use that specific technique in your school nutrition operation, but you probably know that staff members need continual motivation to keep on keeping on. Take a look at “The Locker Room Speech” to learn some new ways to boost morale.

The push to make the latest and greatest technology a part of our daily lives extends to school nutrition. In “Technology: Why Buy?” four school nutrition directors share some of the considerations that influenced their decisions to take the plunge into new technology, factors that affected the implementation and some of the results that followed.

Panini have caught on as the ultimate grilled sandwich, even cropping up on fastfood chain menus. With an open mind and a fresh approach, you can serve this menu option to students seeking this commercial foodservice favorite. “Panini, Per Favore” explores how to incorporate the item onto your menu and offers some recipe possibilities.

Doing the RIGHT Thing Members Only
How do you recognize and handle ethical dilemmas in the school nutrition workplace?

The Locker Room Speech  Members Only
Relying on the same ol’ inspirational approaches won’t keep staff motivated. Try something new to boost morale.

Technology: Why Buy? Members Only
Will that expensive new software system or computerized gizmo help improve your program’s bottom line?  

Panini, Per Favore Members Only
You, too, can serve popular panini sandwiches to students seeking this commercial foodservice favorite.


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