Part 1. Keys Express


Keys to Excellence: Standards of Practice for Nutrition Integrity is designed to assist schools achieve nutrition integrity goals at the administrative, management, and operational levels. This tool, through its standards of practice and indicators, defines national standards for quality programs and provides a framework for continuous program review, evaluation, and improvement.

Keys to Excellence Online Self-Assessment is an online benchmarking tool that allows school nutrition directors to review and improve their programs against several indicators of top performance in each of four key areas: 1. Operations, 2. Nutrition, Nutrition Education and Physical Activity, 3. Administration and 4. Marketing and Communications.

The District of Excellence Distinction recognizes school districts that truly exemplify all best practices identified in the Keys online self-assessment by submitting a comprehensive application for peer review.

NOTE: These programs are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check the website periodically for updates.

To view the current list of DOE recipients visit


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