February 2004


Association Governance
February 2004

SF&N - February 2004Whether you’re providing leadership in your local association, in your state affiliation or on a national level, the February issue of School Foodservice & Nutrition can help you find new insights and useful tips for governance. First, read an article about how to handle situations when your membership faces a difficult or controversial issue. Then, take a look at reliable ways of creating a state association policy manual that enhances your group’s present and future functions. If you edit your group’s newsletter, broadcast email letter or other publication, pick up fresh tips from Editor Patricia Fitzgerald’s article, “Extra! Extra!” May you enjoy this issue of SF&N and continue the legacy of strong, effective association governance.

Not Just BIG...More Than HUGE...They're MEGA ISSUES
How leaders of ASFSA and its state affiliates tackle truly tough topics and illuminate a path to the future.  

The Good Book
A State association policy manual can provide the lessons of the past to the management of the present and the direction of the future.

Extra! Extra! Read All About...What?
Ideas for developing editorial content for you state affiliate or local chapter publication.


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