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Food allergies can be life threatening to a child, but school food service professionals can help manage accidental food allergy exposure by working with students, parents, administrators, and physicians. Staff should also familiarize themselves with the governing laws and regulations, required documentation, and food safety implications associated with managing food allergies in school food service operations.


SNF partnered with USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service to develop a podcast series for school food service operators on managing food allergies in schools. The podcasts are divided into four 15-minute segments:

  1. Legal and Regulatory Requirements for Managing Food Allergies in Schools (mp3) - transcript (pdf)
  2. Guidance for Managing Food Allergies in Schools (mp3) - transcript (pdf)
  3. Teamwork is Key to Successful Food Allergy Management in Schools (mp3) - transcript (pdf)
  4. Food Safety Considerations and Food Allergy Management Best Practices for School Food Service (mp3) - transcript (pdf)



Managing Food Allergies in Schools: A 3-Part Series


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