June-July 2010

2010 June-July Cover

June-July 2010 SN Cover

Farm to School
June/July 2010

Are you considering working to implement a farm-to-school program in your district? The June/July issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, walks you through the steps for deciding whether such a program is right for your school meals operation, as well as for implementing best practices. You’ll discover that whatever the size of your geographic area, starting a farm-to-school program may be easier than you think. And if a farm-to-school program is already underway in your district, check out some suggestions from your school nutrition colleagues on how to fine-tune your efforts to make this aspect of your school nutrition program as effective as possible. Plus, be sure not to miss what you’ll need to know about this year’s Annual National Conference in Dallas!

“Many Routes to Many Roots” examines how a few different farm-to-school models are working for districts from one coast to the other.

In “From Magic Beans to Golden Eggs,” school nutrition operators across the country explain how they have moved beyond some common myths associated with farm-to-school programs and seen their efforts blossom.

Looking for a primer on what to think about if you’d like to start your own farm-to-school program? “Planting the Seeds” provides some food for thought when it comes to the key questions you’ll need to answer before you get started.

Running a successful farm-to-school program is about more than simply obtaining food from various sources and providing it to your students. Read “Mind the GAP” to make sure you’re protecting your students by working with farmers who implement the “Good Agricultural Practices” recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Will you be heading to Dallas in July for the Annual National Conference? Take a look at “ANC in the Big D” to familiarize yourself with what are sure to be this year’s highlights, all centered around providing you with big ideas, big opportunities and big value!

Many Routes to Many Roots  Members Only
What path should you take in bringing the farm to your school? Blaze the trail best suited to your school nutrition program.

From Magic Beans to Golden Eggs Members Only
It’s no fairy tale: You can make a farm-to-school program an enormously successful part of your school meals operation. 

Planting the Seeds  Members Only
Go and grow! How to get started with a farm-to-school program.

Mind the GAP Members Only
What should you know about the food safety practices of the local farms that provide produce to your school meals program?

ANC in the Big D Members Only
It’s time to scoot your boots on down to Dallas for the school nutrition event of the year!


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