June-July 2005


June/July 2005
Kids Today

This summer, School Foodservice & Nutrition brings you its last installment in its four-year series, “Kids Today.” The focus is on middle childhood--students ages 6 to 11. “Kid Stuff” explores the lives of elementary school students, from their budding talent for reasoning to their first forays into homework, social groups, sports and more. “Healthy Kids are Happy Kids” reviews the childhood obesity crisis and ways that school nutrition professionals can be part of the solution. Take a look at the causes behind the statistics on poor childhood nutrient intake, eating habits and physical activity levels--and find practical resources and suggestions for fighting back.

Next, investigate two of the suggestions in-depth: Read about appropriate marketing in “He-e-e-e-re's the Pitch!” and nutrition education in “It’s Elementary!” Also, kids today spend more time in cars, playing video games and using the Internet than ever before. “Gym Dandy?” takes a big-picture look at the ways sedentary pursuits are taking a toll on children’s health, as well as their academic performance. In addition to these feature stories, enjoy “Getting Some Air,” Part II of SF&N’s series on Indoor Air Quality. Discover why other schools found it cost-effective to invest in air pollution prevention. The article includes examples and a list of IAQ rules by state.

June-July 2005Kid Stuff This Content Available to SNA Members Only
No longer babies. Not yet tweens. Who are the denizens of middle childhood?

Healthy Kids are Happy Kids This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Too many American youngsters are overly fed but poorly nourished.

Gym Dandy?This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Younger students need physical activity - and they need it fast.

He-e-e-e-re's the Pitch! This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Will young children understand, absorb and act on your marketing messages? Should they? Ponder the pitfalls of youth marketing.

It's Elementary!This Content Available to SNA Members Only
Are you ready to make nutrition education the name of your game? Find out how best to reach students in early grades.

Getting Some AirThis Content Available to SNA Members Only
Has your school erred when it comes to clean, healthy air? Learn how to prevent IAQ problems.


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