March 2010

2010 March Cover

March 2010 SN Cover

Life Management
March 2010

Do you find yourself on top of your tasks at work but feel like you’re falling behind when it comes to organizing the rest of your life? Or do you have good intentions to start improving your sleeping habits or managing your finances, for example, but find that maintaining these good habits doesn’t last for long? If either of these scenarios describes you, the March issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, is here to help.

“Health Reform” presents the information you need to know about how to manage your doctors’ visits and other health matters. With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s easy to let a routine doctor’s visit slip through the cracks, but it’s essential for all of us to start taking charge of our personal health and medical care.

Do you find yourself feeling drowsy during the day? Are you unable to recall the last time you felt well rested? If you can answer yes to one or both of these questions, take a look at “Is Your Rest Assured?”. The article explores the health consequences of not getting enough sleep and how to put a plan in place to change some of the bad sleeping patterns you might have.

Despite today’s economic conditions, it’s still important for all of us to save as much money as we can for our futures. “If I Were a Rich Man…” details how small steps can help you build up your savings.

Do you feel like time is continually slipping through your fingers and find yourself scrambling to complete all of the day’s tasks that you’ve assigned yourself? “Are You Mocked by the Clock?” examines some of the common factors that can affect our ability to manage the hours and minutes of the day and reviews strategies to address these factors with greater success.

With March upon us, you might find yourself thinking about doing some spring cleaning around your home. But if the task seems daunting or you’re looking for new ways to manage your living space, “Put an End to Clutter Calamity” provides some tips for tackling your clutter.

Clutter doesn’t just end with tangible items, though. Our e-mail inboxes can pile up with all kinds of information seemingly before we realize how much correspondence we’re hanging on to. “E-mail Boot Camp” offers a manageable, step-by-step approach to getting your inbox to behave.

Health Reform  Members Only
Stop procrastinating and start taking charge of your personal health and medical care.

Is Your Rest Assured?  Members Only
Most of us simply don’t get enough sleep—and we are risking our health as a consequence.

If I Were a Rich Man…  Members Only
Are your financial goals and dreams contingent on a lottery jackpot? Learn to save instead.

Are You Mocked by the Clock?  Members Only
Make time for time management.

Put an End to Clutter Calamity  Members Only
Even if you’re not worried about appearing on a future episode of “Hoarders,” you may want to consider some tips for downsizing your stuff.

E-mail Boot Camp  Members Only
How can you make your e-inbox behave?


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