June-July 2007


Kids Today/ANC Preview
June/July 2007

School Foodservice & Nutrition magazine presents its popular summer edition, packed with useful facts about gender differences in your student customers and the impact on your school nutrition program. Also in this issue are an update about National School Lunch Week 2007 and a preview of SNA’s exciting Annual National Conference (ANC), the nation’s premier child nutrition event of the year.

Girls are not interested in technology? Not as capable in science? Girls are merely sugar and spice and everything nice? Such descriptions don’t sound anything like the girls in “It’s a Girl Thing.”  And over the course of the past decade, sociology experts have been paying increased attention to boys in an effort to understand better their needs and help them grow up to be productive, happy men. Come explore the (sometimes) exasperating, (always) intriguing world of boys in “Boy, oh Boy!”

Next, follow the needs of your student customers as they approach adulthood. In “That Awkward Age,” a registered dietician clarifies gender differences in adolescence and how they relate to school meals, nutrition education and intervention for at-risk teens.

Examine fresh approaches to nutrition education and marketing by reading  “Don’t You Get It?” about gender differences in learning, followed by surprising new research revealed in “Kid Marketing From Alex to Zoe.”

And for an added boost, catch up with the five cartoon “candidates” for the 2007 National School Lunch Week election in “On the Campaign Trail.” Also in this issue is “Midwest Magnificence,” providing you with a sneak preview of ANC, which will take place July 15-19, 2007 in Chicago. Have a fantastic summer—with SF&N magazine!

Its a Girl Thing lockhunejulycover07
From alpha girls to super girls, sisters of all ages and backgrounds are doing it for themselves!

Boy, Oh Boy! lock
Come explore the (sometimes) exasperating, (always) intriguing world of boys.

That Awkward Age lock
As girls and boys approach adulthood, their health and nutrition needs change right along with their bodies, attitudes and anxieties. What can school nutrition professionals do to help?

Don't You Get it? lock
Boys and girls learn differently, so if you are teaching kids about good nutrition, make sure your message is effective for both Susie and Sam.

Kid Marketing From Alex to Zoe lock
When marketing to boys and girls, one size usually fits all.


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