February 2010

2010 February Cover

February 2010 SN Cover

Readers Choice
February 2010

SNA’s editorial team asked about the topics that readers want to see in School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, and you answered. Based on suggestions from readers, February’s feature articles examine issues related to operations, marketing/outreach and SNA.

When it comes to operations, have you thought about whether your district or school would benefit from participating in a purchasing cooperative? If so, or if you’re curious about how this type of arrangement works, “United We Spend, United We Save” provides tips for getting started and advice from operators on maintaining a smooth cooperative system.

Not only are social media vehicles popular for communicating with family and friends, they’re becoming increasingly viable ways for businesses and organizations to communicate messages about a product, service or cause. “How Friend Became a Verb” explores some of the most popular websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as provides a look at how SNA and some of your school nutrition colleagues are using them to share information and messages about the importance of child nutrition.

Does your SNA chapter need some rejuvenation or fresh ideas? In “Charge Up Your Chapter!” some of your SNA colleagues provide inspiration in the form of insights about what has worked in their chapters. If you’d like to freshen up your chapter in the areas of membership recruitment, activities and events and fundraising, this article should help to spark some ideas.  

United We Spend-United We Save Members Only
Is it time that you joined—or helped form—a purchasing cooperative for your school nutrition operation?

How "Friend" Became a Verb Members Only
Learn how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other “social media” sites are making our world a little smaller—and our language a little stranger.

Charge Up Your Chapter! Members Only
Has your SNA chapter lost its spark? Give it some new juice with ideas for recruitment, fundraising and team activities.


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