December 2009

2009 December Cover

December 2009 SN Cover

International Feeding
December 2009

As important as it is for school nutrition professionals to be aware of the challenges in feeding children in the United States, in today’s global society, it is also essential to remain up-to-date on the challenges inherent in feeding children in other countries. The December issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, explores global child feeding efforts, as well as how U.S. school nutrition professionals are getting involved.

“As the World Turns” takes a look at the work of the Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF). From the Global Child Nutrition Forum to the School Feeding Toolkit to needs assessment efforts, GCNF aims to make a difference for children throughout the world.

While the logistics of school feeding programs in various countries may differ because of geographic, political and other factors, the programs are united in a common mission by the desire to ensure that children do not go hungry. In “Site Seeing,” learn about the school feeding efforts in four countries across the globe.

Speaking of “across the globe,” read about the adventures and impressions of an SNA member who has organized cultural education excursions for school nutrition professionals to countries throughout the world in “To Boldly Go...”.

As the World Turns Members Only
The Global Child Nutrition Foundation knows that eradicating child hunger isn't all in a day's work.

Site Seeing Members Only
From Chile to China, school feeding programs face common challenges. Take a look at four programs on three continents.

To Boldly Go... Members Only
Follow the lead of this group of intrepid school nutrition globetrotters as they hopscotch from one continent to another.


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