November 2009

2009 November Cover

November 2009 SN Cover

Financial Management
November 2009

Finding money has never been a simple challenge for school nutrition operators; however, it’s become increasingly difficult lately, especially as various pressures conspire to diminish your opportunities in this area. The November issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, takes a look at ways to find new revenue for your operation, how to cut costs and save money and how you can navigate through the grant application process.

“It All Adds Up” features a collection of recommendations from fellow school nutrition directors regarding how to raise your operation’s revenue. Be prepared to think outside of the box to help ensure the financial viability of your operation.

While finding money is always a timely topic for school nutrition operators, these days, operators also can’t ignore the need to cut costs and save money. “Stretching That Dollar” puts forth some techniques and tips to try that might be helpful in your own operation.

A grant is one way to receive money for your operation. “Your Wish Is Granted” provides a detailed look at the grant application process and breaks it down into manageable steps.

Earlier this year, school nutrition professionals across the nation tapped into the power of school breakfast as they celebrated National School Breakfast Week 2009. “Send in the Superheroes” showcases the efforts of some of your school nutrition colleagues as they emphasized the importance of breakfast to their students.

Has the H1N1 flu virus made its presence known in your school or district? If not, the essential steps in “Managing the Flu Blues” will guide you through the process of ensuring that you and your staff are as prepared as possible in the event of a flu pandemic.

It All Adds Up Members Only
Ten ways to find new revenue for your school nutrition operation.

Stretching That Dollar Members Only
Thirty-five “recession recommendations” for cutting costs and saving money in your school nutrition operation.

Your Wish Is Granted Members Only
Learn how you can use grant funding to underwrite ambitious projects and initiatives.

Send in the Superheroes Members Only
A wrap-up of National School Breakfast Week 2009 activities and a reminder to Ready, Set, Go for 2010!

Playing It Safe: Managing the Flu Blues Members Only
Plan ahead to deal with H1N1 and other potential emergencies.


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