January 2006


Kids and Technology
January 2006

From the time they wake up in the morning until they go to sleep at night, today’s children are plugged in. Of course, a good number of adults are “afflicted” with the same technology addiction. But even if you’re not a computer-holic, you have good reasons to maintain at least a general working knowledge of trends in consumer electronics. Technology can be a useful tool in operating--and marketing--your school nutrition program. In this annual technology issue, SF&N turns the spotlight on understanding the way your student customers are using new technologies.

In “TechnoKids,” examine two broad categories--communication and entertainment--and gain a better understanding of some of the gizmos kids can’t do without. Next, take the technological pulse of schools across the nation. Learn about the opportunities for high-tech classrooms in “Beyond the ‘Computer Room.’” For demographics and stats on children who already are taking the initiative to enhance their education with new technologies, turn to “Making Connections.” And for information on the technologies kids use for entertainment, read “From Blackboard to Blog.”

Some of these new technologies might help improve your operation, as well. Many technical minds have been dreaming up ways to whittle down the waiting time that is typical in foodservice operations. Where are the timesavers in ordering, conducting transactions and getting good food faster--without too much waiting? “Erasing the Lines” shows how technological changes are beginning to shorten the lines in restaurants, at fastfood chains and in school districts. What if new technology could be adopted in your operation? How would it work? It’s time to dream of the possibilities…

Jan 06 cov - lgTechnoKids Members Only
Plugging in to the electronic tastes of today’s students should help you communicate with tomorrow’s customers.

Beyond The “Computer Room” Members Only
Technology has transformed American students and the way they learn—how about their schools and teachers?

From Blackboard to Blog Members Only
Learn how today’s kids use the Internet for all of their favorite activities.

Making Connections Members Only
Just how many kids are using computers and the Internet? Maybe we should call them Generation Tech.

Erasing the Lines Members Only
Happy are the customers who speed through school cafeteria lines.  New technologies are helping to create happy customers—and even happier operators.



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