October 2009

2009 October Cover

October 2009 SN Cover

Marketing Tips and Techniques
October 2009

The work of a school nutrition professional is about more than serving food to children; it’s also about marketing your program, both within your own operation and throughout your district. The October issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, presents tips for how to spotlight your program and reach kids in new and appealing ways. Perhaps these tips will inspire you to come up with some fresh marketing messages and menu options of your own!

“Mastering The Message” takes a look at some successful examples that companies have used to showcase their products and services, as well as walks you through how you might work to craft and market messages in your own operation.

When you think of trends that are on the rise in the commercial foodservice segment, which would you identify as having crossover appeal to the school segment? “The Next BIG Thing” reveals these popular elements your school nutrition operation may already be incorporating or may want to think about adding.

You’ve probably seen or heard about the power that video can have in today’s world, whether it relates to stories in the news or the efforts of other businesses. Make video work for you by taking a look at “Smile for the Camera” to get an understanding of the production process and the resources and technology that may be available to your operation.

Mastering The Message 2009 January Cover
In marketing, what you say, how you say it—and how often you say it—is everything.

The Next BIG Thing 2009 January Cover
Is your school nutrition operation ahead of the curve, rounding the bend or stuck at a crossroads?

Smile for the Camera 2009 January Cover
Are you ready to bring the power of video to your school nutrition program?


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