School Lunch 2.0: How Websites like Facebook and Twitter can Revolutionize your School Nutrition Program


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School Lunch 2.0: How Websites like Facebook and Twitter can Revolutionize your School Nutrition Program


If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, you will. “Social media” websites like Facebook and Twitter are taking the internet by storm. Facebook is already the 4th most popular website in the world! Learn what all the fuss is about by joining the School Nutrition Foundation’s expert panel as they discuss how you can use social media both personally and professionally. It’s not as difficult as you might think! We’ll walk you through how to sign up and get started. You’ll get tips from an educational policy expert on how to navigate your school district’s technology arena, and we’ll even share how the SNA, SNF and the Global Child Nutrition Foundation are using social media to improve our online offerings. Reserve your seat today and prepare to take your school nutrition program to the next level with social media. Remember – space is limited, so sign up today!

Title:        School Lunch 2.0: How Websites like Facebook and Twitter can Revolutionize 
                your School Nutrition Program

Date:       Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time:        2:30 PM EST/1:30 PM CST/12:30 PM MST/11:30 AM PST

Duration: 75 minutes (approximately)

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  • Learn about key social media sites, including how to sign up, how they work, and what they are used for.
  • Understand how to use social media sites personally and professionally. 
  • Describe key educational policy issues impacting social media applications.
  • Identify barriers and possible solutions to using social media within a school district.
  • Recognize key features of the School Nutrition Association, School Nutrition Foundation, and Global Child Nutrition Foundation social media sites.


Brian Crapo
CEO, Bacada Technologies

Michael Craig
Director, Business Development, Bacada Technologies

Ann Flynn
Director, Education Technology Programs, National School Boards Association

Alexis Steines
Public Affairs Associate, School Nutrition Association


About Our Partners

Bacada Technologies
Bacada Technologies is a Silicon Valley start-up focused on using the principles of social media to improve people’s lives. Although the company is newly formed, its founders and employees have experience working on campaigns including MTV, Nike, Sony BMG, PayPal, UNICEF, BlackBerry, and more. They leverage best-practice processes and techniques, including social media, to create delightful user experiences that are also profitable from a business perspective. Their experience with social media leads them to believe that it will change more than jus the Internet – it will change the way we live our daily lives.

National School Boards Association (NSBA) Technology Leadership Network
NSBA's Technology Leadership Network (TLN), founded in 1987, is the district networking program that offers a complete package of benefits and is an innovative way to bring the school board, administrators, and the district technology team together to glean the best practices from other districts and to make well-informed technology decisions.

More than 350 school districts, education agencies, and colleges of education benefit from this remarkable support system. Connect with trailblazers and acquire invaluable resources for using technology in schools. Get the latest information, ideas, and advice.

The Network fosters a team approach to technology decision-making. As one of the most respected and established networking programs in the field, it includes every level of the district's technology team: superintendent, educational technology and curriculum directors, principals, teachers, and school board members. 

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