June-July 2009

2009 June/July Cover

June/July 2009 SN Cover

The Future of U.S. Agriculture
June/July 2009

As America finds itself in the middle of changing agricultural times, new developments from within the agriculture industry and from legislation are playing an important role in the food production process. The June/July issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s flagship publication, delves into topics from sustainable agriculture to the challenges facing today’s family farms to what’s in store for the federal commodity program, an effort that can be considered the original farm-to-school program.

“Field of Vision” explores some of the major agricultural issues to watch in the coming months, including biotechnology and GMO (genetically modified) crops, as well as legislation regarding the treatment of animals raised for food production.

“A New Breed” takes a look at the difficulties that some family farms face when it comes to issues like government subsidies and serving markets of different sizes.

The federal commodity program has undergone numerous changes over the past decade, and “Commodities on the Grow” examines what’s next as USDA works to enhance the program to make it more effective in supporting today’s school nutrition operations.

It’s time for ANC Las Vegas! “Viva Las Vegas” is packed with information that attendees need to know about educational program tracks, keynote speakers and exhibitors taking part in the Exhibit Hall.

Field of Vision 2009 January Cover
Train your eyes and attention on five hot button issues facing American agriculture.

A New Breed 2009 January Cover
America's family farm must evolve to meet the challenges of a changing enviromental and economic era.

Commodities on the Grow 2009 January Cover
What's ahead for the originalfarm-to-school program?

Viva Las Vegas 2009 January Cover
When the chips are down, you can count on SNA's Annual National Conference to provide winning solutions for school nutrition. 



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