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2009 May Cover

Mayl 2009 SN Cover

Meet The Future of Child Nutrition
May 2009

According to John M. Richardson, Jr., “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen and those who wonder what happened.” The May 2009 issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s flagship publication, introduces you to some of SNA’s leaders to watch who are dedicating their time and ideas to making the future of child nutrition happen. Learn about these leaders’ experiences in the child nutrition field and become inspired by their ideas and passion.

In “Meet The Future,” participants in School Nutrition’s fifth annual Roundtable of Leaders, who represent the next generation of child nutrition operators, share their reflections on how they got started in the field, as well as their joys and frustrations and the importance of strong mentors. This year’s participants included the following school nutrition directors from districts all over the country: Stephanie Bruce of Ontario/Montclair (Calif.) School District; Brittany Granados of Davidson County (N.C.) Public Schools; Kymm Mutch of Milwaukee Public Schools; Jeffrey Proulx of Washington County (Md.) Public Schools; Kelly Renard, SNS, of Carlisle (Pa.) Area School District; Andrew Soliz, SNS, of West Fresno (Calif.) Elementary School District; Kristin Soulsby, SNS, of Madison (Ariz.) Elementary School District; Jennifer Spellman of Great Falls (Mont.) Public Schools; Stephanie Taylor of Ware County (Ga.) School District; and Julie Tuttle, SNS, of Montgomery County (Ky.) School District.

“To Catch a Thief” takes a look at the troubling trend of cafeteria crime. Some of the information presented may be surprising, but according to the article, there are measures operators can take to reduce this frustrating occurrence.

“Sweet Thing” addresses the ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup, often considered an offender in America’s obesity problem. But when we look behind the science, is it deserving of such scorn?

The theme of looking toward the future captured in the comments by School Nutrition’s Roundtable of Leaders also makes an appearance in “Do You Feel History in the Air?” View the photos and descriptions of all of the LAC events, and learn about the change in the air in the nation’s capital.

Meet The Future 2009 January Cover
School nutrition “up-and-comers” shared their unique perspectives at SN’s fifth annual Roundtable of Leaders.

To Catch a Thief 2009 January Cover
Cafeteria crime by student thieves is a troubling concern.

Sweet Thing 2009 January Cover
With critics pouring on their disapproval of high fructose corn syrup, how should you respond to community questions?

Do You Feel History in the Air? 2009 January Cover
Attendees at SNA’s 37th annual Legislative Action Conference were galvanized by a spirit of change in Washington.


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