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Although many other foodservice segments are suffering, a sinking economy actually brings greater participation and sales in school meal programs.

  • Rising unemployment and increasing costs have pushed more American families into serious economic straits. Reliance on the free and reduced-price meals offered through the federal child nutrition programs is increasing.*
  • School nutrition programs saw a rise in program participation in 2008. Survey respondents reported serving an additional 425,000 meals;* some forecasters predict this number will double in the year ahead.
  • 85% of district directors surveyed see increases in the number of free/reduced-price applications.*
  • 60% of district directors also see more families trying to save money, as well as recognizing the appeal and value of school meals.*
  • Even for families that do not qualify for free/reduced-price meals, research shows that, on average, it costs less to buy a school lunch than to bring a lunch from home.*
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 included $100 million for school nutrition operation equipment grants. The grants will be competitive, awarded by state agencies and given to school districts with 50% or greater free/reduced-price participation. One industry observer asserts that for every $1 million spent on equipment, 20 jobs will be created.

Time and again, reader surveys show that School Nutrition is the overwhelming FIRST CHOICE trade publication of America’s school nutrition professionals. School Nutrition is the ONLY national foodservice magazine that covers the school segment exclusively.

When school nutrition directors are seeking new ideas to meet the rising numbers of students coming into their cafeterias, don’t you want them seeing YOUR products in the pages of their number-one resource?

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*Saved by the Lunch Bell: As Economy Sinks, School Nutrition Program Participation Rises, December 2008, School Nutrition Association

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