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February 2009 SN Cover

Behind the Scenes at SNA Headquarters
February 2009

Over the years, numerous magazine articles, web stories, conference sessions and networking forums have focused on what you do on the job. But do you know what happens at your national Association’s headquarters office? The articles in the February 2009 issue of School Nutrition take you behind the scenes. For example, did you know that every month,

  • SNA staff process 6,500 membership/certification applications and meetings registrations?
  • SNA receives more than 10,000 phone calls and 40,000 e-mails?
  • The Association sends out 50,000 pieces of mail?

Steady & Strong” looks at four major areas of change for SNA’s headquarters in the last decade or so. For example, technology has significantly influenced how SNA communicates with and serves its members. Its public presence has been dramatically enhanced through dynamic new promotions and stepped-up efforts to develop relationships with representatives of national media outlets (TV, radio and print). Increasingly, the media now recognizes SNA as the preeminent source of expertise on child nutrition matters. The Association also continues to develop education and training programs to help members keep pace with complex changes in the profession. Even membership processing has undergone major changes that have streamlined processes at the local, state and national level.

This article also includes many fascinating facts about headquarters operations. Learn the steps involved in producing an issue of the magazine or walk through some of the logistics required to mount the Annual National Conference. And look for more impressive statistics about the scope of your Association.

The Long & Winding Road” explores the path that a program or initiative must travel from idea to implementation. Using SNA’s new School District Owned Membership Option as an illustration, this article follows along as key “what-if” questions are asked, task forces are formed and a pilot program is established. The article serves as an important example of how SNA works—with a tremendous amount of creativity and consideration—to serve its members.

Strong & Steady 2009 January Cover
SNA's headquaters team keeps the Association moving forward into a new century.

The Long & Winding Road 2009 January Cover
Follow the School District Owned Membershipo option from idea to implementation.


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