January 2009

2009 January Cover

January 2009 SN Cover

Join the Green Team!
January 2009

In these challenging economic times, is it too much to expect a community to make a commitment to going green? It depends on who you ask, finds School Nutrition in its January 2009 issue. Some conservation proponents believe that the development of a “green economy” will be one solution that can fix multiple problems. “Looking Through Green-Colored Glasses” reflects on such an opportunity.

Green at Any Cost?” delves further into the cost implications of going green. What are some of the ecological and economic challenges facing school nutrition operators today? Going green can be a financial challenge—especially when there is little or no supportive community infrastructure in place. But many eco-initiatives actually can help to save money for the school nutrition department.

One such initiative—that also pays dividends in public image—is composting school foodservice waste. “Pay Dirt” explores the efforts of districts of varying sizes across the country to start up or participate in composting programs. This “scrappy solution” can divert tons of waste from landfills, while saving on waste disposal costs.

Eco-friendly cleaning is another initiative gaining traction in many school kitchens and cafeterias. While eco-friendly cleaning ingredients are important, so are products and procedures that save water and energy. Learn more about the green-cleaning movement in “It May Be Clean, But Is It Green?

This issue of School Nutrition encourages readers to take baby steps to adopt new habits and make some eco-conscious choices that may be more expensive or less pretty. “We must do more,” asserts Editor Patricia Fitzgerald.

Looking Through Green-Colored Glasses 2009 January Cover
Will you help give new life to our beloved Earth?

Green at Any Cost? 2009 January Cover
Can you save the planet and save your bottom line? Check out some of the ecological and economic challenges facing school nutrition operators.

Pay Dirt2009 January Cover
School nutrition operations join communities in piling on to new composting programs.

It May Be Clean, But Is It Green? 2009 January Cover
Eco-friendly cleaning means making changes to products and procedures.


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